Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've come THIS FAR by FAITH [progress SO FAR on this weightloss journey PT 2!]

Yes! I still have my setbacks..but I WONT give up!

And Yes! I have the NERVE to share what I did to help me get to this point. And I say that because I'm at a standstill right

now! So that wasn't directed towards ANYONE but the inner-me! Because I will NOT let guilt or fear of failure or fear of

success keep me from reaching my GOAL! I don't care HOW LONG IT TAKES! Just as long as I don't get back to where I WAS!!! I'm

learning more and more about me and that's what REALLY matters!

Now...let's touch base on the eating:

1.DRINK YOUR WATER! You just don't know what good this does for you. Especially when you're feeling hungry! YUP...that's

right! I've read on a weightloss website to drink water when you feel hungry, because you may actually be dehydrated, bored,

etc...mainly dehydrated. Plus if you drink a glass of water BEFORE [about 10 mins], and another during a meal you get fuller

quicker. So the key to that is when you start to feel those hunger pains, DRINK WATER...then, if 10 minutes later you're

still hungry..then eat something. And boredom..yall know how some of us get when we're bored...OOH!

OK...techy side. HALF YOUR WEIGHT IN OZ's of H2O a day!

2. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! PLEASE take this into consideration, especially if you're trying to lose

weight! Now I know it may seem strange because so many people are so used to people saying STARVE to lose the weight but your

body actually goes into STARVATION MODE and what little you do eat WILL be stored as what you're trying to get rid of! So

please eat breakfast yall! You're doing more harm that good by starving yourself! FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY!

3. Eat 5-6 small meals a day! This really felt weird to me because I would eat 3 times a day like I was told growing up. I

felt even WORSE, like I was eating up EVERYTHING. First I have to eat BREAKFAST in the THIS?! These were just

tricks in my mind. Even sometimes being at work and feeling self-conscious about snacking on my breaks, but I noticed when I

did I wasn't MISERABLE by lunchtime.

Breakfast. snack. lunch. snack. dinner. very light snack.

That's how it worked for me. AT FIRST...I didn't eat ANYTHING before bed and I was miserable, starving...then I had to adjust

somethings. For instance, instead of NOT eating before bed I would grab an orange, carrot sticks, crackers and cheese,

yogurt, a slice of lean meat, or something to hold me over til the morning.

4. Add more fruits and veggies! Yup! Just like Mama said!!! They fill you up! AND help your digestive system...I won't get

TMI with yall WILL notice a difference! Raw veggies are the best, but if you don't have any at the moment, work with

what you have! And add whole wheat and grains to the list as well. (I'll have to get more specific later.)

5. Portion control! Make it a gradual thing with making portions smaller along with adding better foods to meals each day,

week, whatever to develop good habits. and Nope! I refuse to deprive myself of the goodies! I just won't have them everyday!

And when I do get whatever I'm craving I get a FEW cookies...NOT THE WHOLE SLEEVE! Well..I was almost doing half..but not in

one setting!

6. Don't wait until you're about to PASS OUT to eat something! Use the methods in #1 and #3 to help you. They will be a GREAT

benefit for your lifestyle change.

7. Have a set LIST of items for you before you head to the store. And it WILL be hard the first few times, until you get in

the HABIT of buying better things. And make sure you check your labels! Just because they say LOW FAT doesn't mean they are

ALL THAT! Sometimes you'd be better off sticking with the regular stuff. Because what they lack in one area, they make up for

in another. Like SURE they could be low in fat..BUT the sugar content could be THROUGH THA ROOF!

8. Don't do EVERYTHING at once {refer back to #5}! You have to make small changes to see big results. Even if you just START

with changing your eating, you'll notice a GREAT difference in how you look and feel. Like I said before.. 50 pds for me w/o

exersize! Because it was what I could do at the time. And what I couldn't do..I gave it all to God! Little becomes much in

HIS hands..

FOR INSTANCE: I had an injury (in constant pain), hadn't been too mobile in a while..what do I look like running up a flight

of stairs?! On top of being an emotional crutch! It was HARD to break that! One GIANT at a time! So I was like

'it's either THIS or I DIE!' And if you read part ONE you know what I mean by that! I want to LIVE!! And I refuse to let this

take me before my time!

And EARLIER instance: Before my accident I went on a weightloss journey before. I didn't change MUCH of my eating habits but

I went to workout TWICE a week (got up to an HR tops) for a few months and still saw MAJOR results!

So NOW I have to combine the two! And make it work!

9. BORED? Find something to do BESIDES watch tv or get on FB...that's a HARD one right?! lol!!! But yeah..get up and dance,

do your nails, paint, write, read, something to stay occupied! You need HEALTHY DISTRACTIONS.

10. Stressed?! Take it to GOD! Same applies to this as with #8. And finding a good confidant doesn't hurt either!

Particularly someone who's on the same track or has been where you're going! A nice massage wouldn't hurt either! I refuse to

live the rest my life as an emotional eater! Meditate! Pray! Trust God that HE will see you through and NEVER put more on you

than you can bear!!!!

11. Happy?! Excited?! Find OTHER ways to celebrate than with FOOD! Yup! I had to add this one!

12. Feel like giving UP?! DON'T!!! And it's best to not focus on how far you have to GO but how far you've COME! Just give

thanks to your HEAVENLY FATHER that things are much better for you! Even if it's just your outlook, your way of thinking.

Maybe you haven't taken your first step yet, but you have a plan of ACTION! Even the HEART and the THOUGHT of wanting to do

the right thing should be looked at as much better than NOT TRYING AT ALL. And if necessary, rewrite the plan, update your

vision. Do inventory, an assessment of everything in your eating and your life...and revamp somethings from there...

And I know that might sound like something I've said before but this must be a constant reminder for me! 'MISS PERFECTIONIST'


[If i missed something let me know! This may need to be a series!]