Friday, June 24, 2011

Verne' Couture REVIEW!

Verne' Couture Pt 1.

Verne' Couture Pt 2.



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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Twists...

I know many have been asking how I achieve my mini-twists style. It took me three days to complete with, starts and stops of course, but I feel that it was well worth it.

This style is so convenient for me though they can be a hassle to remove, but I'm in the process of working on new techniques for take-down. I still dream of loc'ing from time to time though..


So here's what I did...

After my hair had been shampooed and braided for a few days, I started the twist process on DRY HAIR. This caused my hair to appear longer due to being stretched previously by the medium plaits [box braids]. Using the plaited sections as a guide, this made twisting ALOT easier for me.

[This is how they look stretched. I'll get the back next time.]

I parted the un-plaited sections into subsections using the tail END of a rat-tail comb [plastic, not metal so the scalp will not be scraped or damaged.]. Then, I pinned back the sections of hair I was not using with hair clips and large bands. I used a decent amount of Blue Magic Indian Hemp on the hair and GENTLY detangled with a WIDE TOOTH comb, then smoothed the ends with a MIXED NYLON/BOAR HAIR brush..
Since the Blue Magic I had were SAMPLE packets [can't remember where I got them because it was a good while back], I used the Castor Oil Packet. They are both light [imo..I guess as long as you don't use a WHOLE lot] and smell VERY nice. They kept my hair shiny for a good while and frizz wasn't much of a factor..
At night, I made sure to tie my hair down with a piece of rayon cloth i have [I think it came from a lining of a skirt], or a satin bonnet..though it is getting too small and a little worn. And I always use a SHOWER CAP, though it's getting a little snug as well! HA! This causes my edges to get wet, so to get that in order i use Carol's Daughter's Healthy Hair Butter. It was my mom's but she HATED the smell. Plus her hair is changing alot so she can't really Use Carol's Daughter much anymore so..YAY MORE FOR ME! lol
Lastly, when my hair begins to lose it's sheen, I use some good OLE EVOO [that stands for extra virgin olive oil in case you're wondering.]! and that's about it!

And that's about it! if I missed anything, please hit the COMMENT box! thanks. :)

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Sunday, June 12, 2011