Tuesday, December 7, 2010

relationship thoughts / 'advice' concerns / why is she saying ANYTHING?!

i know i hear ppl say 'how can someone single tell me how to get and keep a man?' haha same thing with a virgin teaching sex ed right? haha but yeah i've been in a few relationships, believe it or not, and from my experiences i've formed a mental [and sometimes physical] list of what i DO and DONT want! which is constantly being modified. even after looking at other people's relationships. dont act like you dont do that too! haha GOOD and BAD!

and i admit i havent always been perfect in my decisions on going forward in relationships and i'm going to take that into consideration as well when choosing someone in my future. now THAT could be another blog within itself! wooo! HOPE ME, JESSE! [insider] haha!

with that being said, i'm not going to say THIS is the magic formula or THAT. i'm just telling how i feel and what i've heard others say that actually makes a bit of sense to me, because i've seen things work in many other relationships. so SOMETIMES it's a 'majority rules' or 'common knowledge' type situation when it comes to dating and relationships. somethings you just have to feel with your gutt. and tweak SOMEthings that will fit into your relationship [things arent the same as when our folx grew up but many have WISDOM! DONT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED! cuz aint NOTHING new under the sun and aint no dogs doin new tricks! lmbo. old sayings right?! hehe..]. and that's what you have to remember, it's YOUR relationship. so if nothing i say flows well with you, you dont have to agree or try to get into it. but if you just get a lil nugget, hey...i'm glad i could be a lil help to you.

[sidenote: no one is perfect. ok continue!]

i know for ONE BIG THING i want, and i'm sure we ALLLLL can agree on this one: RESPECT. so i shouldn't have to be MARRIED or BOO'd up to tell you that should be on your list as well.

and with ALL relationships, there has to be some open flow of communication. that goes for business and personal.

hopefully you can understand other things are just my POV's [what i feel in my heart and soul based on my experiences, surroundings, and beliefs/spirituality], so please take that as such, respecfully. now as i've said before if you find something helpful and/or reassuring, BY GOLLY take it and run with it!

this is a growing/learning experience for me. i'll also be sharing my process as well. and as it is revealed to me layer by layer, the REAL ME. i want to be able to express how i feel about this whole development of me and i'm EXCITED.

that's where PROJECT TAKING DIVA BACK is in full effect. every blog on this spot right here is about that! but the MAIN FOCUS:: i want to get back to who i am and was destined to be [removing every layer of what was added that doesnt have a purpose in my destiny]. and a big part of me is concerned with / interested in relationships.

i want to be the BEST ME i can be before i cross paths with the ONE GOD HAS FOR ME! and yes i believe in that! i believe in DESTINY. i believe in the DIVINE HAND! so it wont be an accident, even if we happen to bump into each other..especially since i'm a clumsy lil dreamer! ha [this also goes for ANYTHING i do. i KNOW i shouldn't have to wait on a man to want to be the BEST me. but remember, i am speaking on relationships at the moment.]

soon i shall post more of my 'fantasies' [i cant help it i'm a HOPEFUL romantic], so please forgive me in advance if you disagree with my views since i'm SINGLE and all, BY CHOICE [trust me]! lmbo but please RESPECT my POV's! infact, you dont even have to read my blogs at all..ha!

thank you COME AGAIN!

just thought i'd get that off my chest!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Diva Spotlight of the MONTH: Ms. Treneice "Barbie Diva" Whitehead

I came across this young lady's work a few years ago online. I was so intrigued by her artistry and confidence that I had to get in contact with her and when i did [via MYSPACE] low and behold she was one of the nicest people I've ever met. So don't believe what you hear when you see the word 'DIVA'!

So when I decided to do this interview series, she was the first person that came to mind and was more than happy to oblige!

Now allow me to present to some and introduce to others, Ms. Barbie Diva!

Can you tell a little bit about yourself? [Your name? Where you're from? What field you're in and experience? How long have you been in it?]

My name is Treneice "Barbie Diva" Whitehead, 25, from the Washington, DC area, now relocated to Baltimore, MD. I have been a Plus Size Model/Makeup Artist for 8yrs now while maintaining my Design Company, Cande Paintz Artistry and my plus size support group, P.L.U.M.P. Productions. I am what you call the Diva Mogul "Jack of All Trades".

How did you get your start?

I always wanted to make a difference in my Community. My creative skills come naturally. I was always interested in art and willing to explore new things. Makeup stood out to me the most, modeling boosts my confidence, and reaching out to others has always been a goal of mine.

Did you always know you wanted to do makeup AND modeling?

No, I actually always knew I wanted to be an Elementary School teacher. Modeling came from seeing my bestfriend, Ebony and my mom on the Runway doing shows. Makeup came from playing in my mom's makeup! She got me hooked to MAC.

Who/what motivates you to keep going?

I have this drive and determination to become known for what I do and help people along the way. I told my mom that one day I was going to become famous, so I am pushing myself to FAME.

Can you recall BEST makeup job you've ever done?

The best makeup job was done on myself a few years ago... I had just got a colorful wig made and I did my makeup to match!

What's your favorite modeling genre?

Fashion and Commercial modeling...I can also do a little Alternative with my tattoos and my colorful makeup to match my colorful hair.

What's the best advice you've been given?

Don't take "no" for an answer..Keep pushing until you make something happen.

Who would you like to work with/for?

I would like to do work with my mentors Alicia Mitchell, Ms. Jackee, Lauren (Queen of Blending), and Eily... I love their work and their creativity is impeccable.

Name 5 makeup items you own that are MUST-HAVES for your clients.

Primer, concealer, eyebrow pencil, blush, loose powder (I have MORE...lol) Eyelashes/Eyeliner.

What else do you like to do outside of modeling and makeup artistry?

I like MUSIC...music is in my blood..I come from a musically inclined family.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully, finishing up at Empire Beauty School and heading to NY to work for Broadway.

If someone wants to work with you, how can they contact you?

My email.. barbiedivalovesmac@gmail.com or book me through my website www.barbiediva.net/

Where can we find you on the web?
www.facebook.com/TreneiceDivaMonroeWhitehead/ [FB Fanpage: Barbie Diva of Cande Paintz Artistry]

www.barbiediva.net/ [My official Website]

www.modelmayhem.com/barbiediva/ [Modeling page]

www.modelmayhem.com/barbiedivalovesmac/ [MUA page]

Thanks so much, Ms Barbie Diva, for allowing me to share your gifts with others. I'm sure that people are inspired by reading this as I was doing this interview with you. It definitely lifted my spirits! Blessings to you on your endeavors. I can't WAIT to see what you do next!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do you believe GOOD MARRIAGES still exist?

With all of the negativity around sometimes it's hard to believe that good, long lasting, meaningful relationships exist and that can dampen your spirits when praying for that special someone. So, I recently asked this question to my FB buddies and #Twitfam, and and many replied with YES's unanimously. Then I asked for some to elaborate and these are some answers i've gotten:

--I believe GOOD MARRIAGES still exist on the SURFACE! but the culture as a whole has become so self-absorbed, it seems hard to keep REAL connections, and make REAL commitments to what it takes to have a honestly GOOD MARRIAGE. [Female/late 20's/AR]

--I absolutely think it's possible,. My parents have been married 25 yrs, my grandparents 60 yrs, my aunts and uncles like 30 years n such. I believe it's possible, ppl just have to be willing to work at it. [Female/early 20's/FL]

--I believe good marriages still exist. a good marriage to me is trying to make things work through hard times,and succeeding, work actually coming from both ends. I know there are ppl out there, it may be rare but its there. [Male/early 20's/TX]

--Good marriages? Yes! I know of plenty. Actually, I think that today's marriages are doing better than those from years past. Granted, far fewer people actually get married now-a-days but it seems that the marriages that do exist are far more healthy. No facts, just my opinion/observation. [Female/22/NY]

--Yep! Cause I have one!!! :) God blessed us to find each other!! [ Female/29/MI]

alright fam. i'm going to get on more questions soon. even revise or add a part two for this. i need more responses! if you want to leave on in the comments, please do so, by all means. bless and THANK YOU to those that participated!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coming soon: Divas and Gents.

I'm in the process of collecting fly ppl for interviews for my blog with the following giftings: fashion, photography, modeling, makeup artistry, etc.

so if you would like to get a lil spotlight i would be more than happy to post your info here so others can get to know you better.

please email me at lady.verne@gmail.com with 'Ladies and Gents' in the SUBJECT LINE.

thanks :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

state of marriage..

'I hope one day we get married just to say we F###### did it!' - Drake 'Miss Me'

so this is what ppl are bumpin these days, huh? and this guy is supposed to be the new IT guy in the rap game...smh..WOMP WOMP!!!

has marriage lost its importance?

why do you want to get married?

if you feel marriage is not for you, please explain..

more elaboration on this soon [yall know how i do..lol], but i just wanted this to marinate a lil.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Closing thoughts on The Lil Black Book post..

this kept goin on and on so i decided to divide this up! lol i can GO honey! lol


closing thoughts on The Lil Black Book...

not saying women dont do the same thing, this is just what came to mind at the time and i started to write on it. one day i'll get on the sistas about something that's on my mind right now but at the moment i'm dealin with the brothas.

we are so alike in so many ways yet it's so very difficult for some of use to communicate effectively. why is that? why are we so afraid to share our emotions? i know we're different in ways as well. there's always a saying that men dont show emotions and you're taught to be tough, but to me there's NOTHING stronger and sexier than a man that is able to show those emotions! and i know that if he's in-tune with his own feelings, he'll be respectful to mine. and YES we women are more emotional unless we have totally shut down..but that's another topic!

do we know, or take the time to see, deep down within that the people we're dealing with are not really for us to begin with? being the reason we hide behind alot of things:::: ex: THE EGO? do we care when that ego monster is on a rampage? but when the REAL thing comes along we think something is wrong with them if they show genuine interest! we feel threatened by their purity because sooner or later they'll find out who we really are! NOT PERFECT!

and ESPECIALLY if they dont have EVERYTHING on our LIST [being the need for the BLACK BOOK], we're bruised and our thoughts are so scattered, that no longer relate to what REAL is! we're so comfortable with getting the PIECES of someone that we even forget what it feels like to be whole...because we resort to using pieces of ourselves to try to patch them up and make them 'right'. so now a part of us belongs to everyone else!

[even with the ones in your lil BLACK BOOK, they're pieces of what you like and even lust after at the time because they feed your EGO MONSTER. and their insecurities, you somehow magically ignore because they're not THE ONE, but you want THE ONE to not have ANY insecurities, while others can smell yours from miles away. now you have to transform yourself into something they're needing as an even exchange to keep them entertained so they wont leave because you HATE rejection. then you lose another part of yourself in this process as well: YOUR IDENTITY. it's so automatic how you switch on and off that you dont even notice it. now i see how it can be understood why some dont really know what they truly want and play the lil EGO GAME. they also have this IMPOSSIBLE LIST as a guard to protect themselves from being hurt. and even protecting others from them sometimes unknowingly.]

but it'll NEVER be right no matter how you try to work on it and dress it up and groom it. puttin on a song and dance for the masses [shuckin and jivin..lol], but behind everything [the women, stats, ego, women, women, women, money, job, women..lol] you're dying! the relationship is falling apart and you hate each other..but you're stroking each other's egos and whatever else..[just being real] to keep it together as long as you can stand it. out of OBLIGATION! nothing sux as bad as that! you start keeping points and when you even the score, you'll call it quits, but they ONE-UP you. now you're STUCK!

now you have these attachments to all of these people! no wonder you're so tired and frustrated! you're being stretched thin and that has to be EXHAUSTING! stop playing yourself! this is just a big waste of time and energy you could spend on something useful! like building character!

bottom line:: stop watering artificial flowers..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Little BLACK BOOK!

before cellphones THIS [in the pic up yondah..lol] used to be the most sacred thing to a man...nowadays he may even have a separate set of numbers stored on his phone in a folder with this title or codenames stored on his phone. for example::: Tony would be for Tonya or Shane for Shaneequa [you know i had to throw that name out there..lol]...hmmm..iono..wut do you think?

would a brotha would be willing to 'burn' his lil black book? or is he afraid? afraid of letting his guard down? giving everything to this ONE woman, instead of being a lil of this and that to EVERY woman he finds an attraction to?

giving up all of that power could be frightening, huh? the feeling of giving your all to this one individual that could crush you under her pinky finger if she wanted to, depending on what chick you're dealing with. not knowing what the future holds. not having a padded landing in-case things fall apart and you're left all alone.

but what if things work and you're dragging around this book? this lil badge of honor, this protection to show that you 'still got it'. many failed relationships has caused guys to carry this around like a security blanket.

*but do you REALLY love her if you keep this around?

*do you REALLY know what you want?

*what type of chicks are you dealing with that you don't want to let this go?

*what type of issues are hiding behind this lil black book?

*are you ready to remove this from in front of your heart?

*are you willing to let go of what all of your SINGLE/unfaithful friends have to say about your relationship?

you're not whipped if you're in love!! and i would GREATLY applaud a man who would be willing to erase all numbers, to burn this dreadful book, that keeps magically appearing when problems occur in relationships. and instead of running to, texting, or calling your BACK-UP, go to your WOMAN and talk it out with her. communicate with her. tell her how you feel, no matter how difficult it may seem sometime. a real woman will listen to what you have to say, ESPECIALLY if she loves you. your feelings and heart mean the world to her and she wouldn't do anything to cause a threat to your emotions and growth as a man.


fellas i could be TOTALLY off on this and i dont wanna be misreading yall. so please let me know why you [those that do] still hold on to the 'BOOK'?

[originally written 9/29/10. edited 11/11/10]

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Future Husband PT 2

This next part is kind of broken into sections. just some thoughts i jotted down the same night i was writing part ONE. i also have some stuff i've written on my phone a good while back, i may put that up later. so there just may be a part 3 really soon. who knows?


Dear Future Husband,

Please know that nights when i'm alone i think about you. when i could make that late night call, and have someone feed me lies, i wait on your truth. i look at the stars and wonder if you see those same stars. if the moon looks as round and bright as it does where you are. thinking of how it would be to hold your hand under these same stars and this big bright moon. the light scent of your cologne, perfectly blended with the night air...i'm waiting..

find me soon My Love,

Your Future Wife.


i pray for you everytime you cross my mind, and though i dont know you now, the very THOUGHT of you makes me blush as i think of our possible first encounter..

as i grin from ear to ear. feeling my face FLUSH, i bite my lower lip, eyes trying hard to release their gaze from yours.

let me fix my hair, my dress..anything to distract me from those eyes and that smile...that skin..those dimples..ahhh..DIMPLES..

ok let me fix my hem and go through my bag, knowing what i want is not there but across the room. but i have to make my self look busy..ok GLOSS...PERFECT. HAIR? PERFECT!

you got me..

somehow i want to make my exit. dont want to be disappointed, but still intrigued, wanting you near. to hear your voice, your laugh..wondering if you smell as good as you look.

OK CALM DOWN GURL..maybe if i look away he'll go the other way..look away QUICK..

maybe he didnt notice..

he's coming this way..stay calm..OK..

what do i say?

what will he say?

hopefully nothing corny..

well i cant talk, i'm CORRRRRNEYYYY!

ok....just dont be lame...

OK, Future Husband.

[originally written 10-22-10]


ok some of this stuff is just me thinking as i write. i can see scenes playing out in my head alot and though it's not structurally correct by any means, i do find it almost poetic! mostly the second part..

sometimes this is how some people think. not at all saying the next guy i see standing across the room is THE ONE but WHO KNOWS?! we just have to learn how to keep our eyes, ears, and our hearts open.

***this is NOT directed towards ANYONE in particular so dont get it twisted! ha! i was just inspired! just had to put that out there!***

My Future Husband PT 1

once again! twitter has some interesting topics. i so happened to find this guy who was tweeting about his future wife and there were some really awesome things he was saying. good to know a guy was thoughtful and not vain. instead of saying his future wife had to have a body like THIS, hair like THAT, face like HERS.. he was more concentrated on her inner beauty and what he would do for her to please her. also how he's preparing himself for her and even praying for her tho he's never met her. [i do the same thing for my future husband, so thank GOD i'm not crazy! lol] THANKS! and NO, this is not directed to him or anyone for that matter, except MY FUTURE HUSBAND.

now for MY version...


-will know what it's like to be treated like the KING he is.

-will get surprises as well. tickets to see his favorite teams or artists. dinners at his favorite spots. trips to special places. even giving him charge over the remote for a day! lol. let him lounge in his big chair, wrapped up in that nice fluffy robe i bought him..

-will not have to doubt my love and fidelity.

-can be confident i will protect his heart, being his rib.

-is also CONFIDENT in who he is in God and as a man. not arrogant or cocky.

- can trust me with his secrets, passions, even his struggles. and i vow to not use any weakness against him during a disagreement.

-can be free with me to laugh, be goofy, even cry..

-will get the alone time he needs to pray, plan, create, also be able to socialize with friends. and will NOT abuse that freedom. he'll know and respect the time that belongs to US.

-will have the leadership role as HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.

-will realize me as THE Proverbs 31: 10-31 woman!

- will love and respect God, himself, me and others around him.

-will be a peacemaker, not full of drama!

-will stand for what's right even when it's not popular to do so.

-will have the gift of wisdom beyond his years and a motivator or many.

-will be a meek and humble spirit, who knows these two characteristics doesn't mean you're a pushover!

-is a leader, sets trends, and is ahead of his time.

-will be a great father, and will have wisdom from God on how to raise his future kings and queens.

-will never take NO for answer if what he wants is what's been promised. he's willing to roll up his sleeves, work, and FIGHT FOR IT!

-is very protective, but not jealous or controlling.

-has book smarts and street smarts. so he KNOWS not to get into any foolery 'out there'...

-will not have to wonder IF i love him!

- will be FOREVER! we are meant to be and will work out every issue that we may have.

-will not let me have a bad day. nor will i allow him to have one.

- is laying the foundation for our future. preparing himself to be the rest of his life with me.

[originally written 10-22-10]


this writing here really made me do some thinking! it makes me want to work even HARDER to be the WOMAN OF GOD that has been promised! i'm still on this journey working on ME and i'm far from perfect! i have quite a be to work on but i believe that GOD is opening my eyes. even when i started to retype this from the papers i had, HE started to convict me about somethings. so trust me, i wouldnt be typing all of this for nothing! this is all from my heart and if i'm not there already in some areas, TRUST ME, i WILL GET THERE! and THAT'S A PROMISE!

***ONCE AGAIN! this is NOT directed towards ANYONE in particular so dont get it twisted! ha! i was just inspired! just had to put that out there!***

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Essence, This is disturbing!

so i was reading this article on essence's fb page and it was talking about a LARGER BUTT can help you live longer, so i read it and was pretty much lost.

read the article in the link first, then my response please::


this article disturbs me! first there's a pic of a chick with butt implants. but most disturbing is the fact that you make it seem like it's ok for those young guys to cop a feel and lift your skirts [agreeing with misdiva dc]. what kind of mess is that?! and just because it's on almost every channel and in all the mags, that doesn't make me feel any better. especially in the ways us as black women have been betrayed for centuries, we are still at the bottom of the totem pole to many! and this must stop! maybe the sista in the LONG SWEATER is tired of being objectified. or the one that dresses modestly has respect for herself and chooses to wear clothes that compliment her body, not show every nook and cranny..this doesnt mean she's self-conscious at all. it may just mean that she's confident in who she is as a person, not a body part!

also to maintain a healthy body, shouldn't there be a part where we can eat healthier and what our BMI's and heart rates should be. what to ask the dr to check when we visit? what about exercises to do for our backsides?

[i didnt post this response on the website. i started to tho. but the following are responses i posted in the comment section on the fb page. sorry if some sounds repetitive since the top half wasn't actually posted.]

so the question was DO YOU LOVE YOUR BIG BOOTY? [Sound Off: Why a Big Booty May Help You Live Longer]

[this part was BEFORE i read the article]

even if it's fake? lol can't silicone get in your bloodstream and kill you? that's not gonna help you live longer!

mine aint fake and i like it sometimes wish it was bigger and wish i had hips. sometimes we're never satisfied with what we have.

[this part was AFTER i read the article]

ok..i read the article and it's kinda disturbing! braggin about young guys lifting girls skirts and copping a feel. sayin a sista is self-conscious cuz she isn't wearing the TIGHTEST thing she can find. this is messed up! what kinda message... is this sending out? especially to our young girls? and there's NOTHING to brag about with seeing sistas on almost every channel and mag with their butts all out! we need to have more respect for ourselves. sistas are still looked at as SARA BAARTMAN and treated no better by our own. nothing wrong with being proud of our bodies, but there's a difference between being proud and being half nekkittt as a cry for help! i was actually looking at this article to find something of relevance. maybe a healthy BMI number, what exercises to do, eating habits, something? shame!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Join the MOVEMENT get more PLUS SIZES in stores!

this is a 'part 2' of Afrobella's Rachel Roy interview.

check my blog on the original interview::




there's actually a petition link on the page, so please read everything there and sign it. i dont want to post the petition link here because i want you to read the blog and check the vid first to keep things in order.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to KEEP a WOMAN pt 1.

checked this TRENDING TOPIC on twitter earlier. i was tweeting so many times because i have my views about this so i was just like 'why not blog about it'?

now i must leave a disclaimer that is not how ALL women think, but this IS how THIS WOMAN thinks. and i'm sure there are similarities, since we as women have common wants and needs as any human being. so some are a given but you get it..

*clears throat really loud and tacky-like..lol*



the key word is WOMAN, not GIRL! and dont forget that!

have some respect for yourself, her, and others.

know what you want out of life. have a plan, put somethings into action or at least on paper, with some check marks by them of course! we love a man that's ambitious, has goals, and is passionate about what he believes! we LOVE to see fire behind your eyes and will support you all the way.

..with that being said, know what you want in a woman. know why you want her. not just because she's cute or has a nice shape. that fades over time..

dont play games. EVER! unless she likes xbox, play station, or board games..

did i say...NEVER LIE? just wanted to be SURE!

just be YOURSELF and be confident about who you are, not COCKY/ARROGANT, that's just being a COP-OUT and we can smell a cover-up. and PLEASE! you dont have to be BLINGED/ICED out! at least not for me! just stay so fresh and so clean clean! and a bit of ching ching! lmbo..keep up with that credit score! lol

keep a nice edge-up [leave the spray can alone!], some great smelling cologne [just a dab], starch and ironed up [but not to where your pants stand up on their own! lmbo], clean shoes, and nice accessories like a watch and a hat [not overdoing the MANsessories] and you got me! :) and SMILE sometimes!

take her on surprise dates! we like to go nice places. but even if it's at home..use your imagination: a romantic picnic on the living room floor by candlelight [love that thought!] or camping in the backyard...we like to see your resourceful/creative side..

dont put her in the BOOTY CALL categorynot all women are the same! if you dont change your thinking, YOUR LOSS!

and YES!! we understand that you are SEXUAL! we all are as a human race! how do you think we all got here? [lollll] but PLEASE stop using that as an EXCUSE to be impatient and inconsiderate. and if you cant see her past the SEXUAL, move along..

open a door for her. pull out the chair fo
r her. compliment her hair that she spent HRS on! [lo
l] know that chivalry is NOT DEAD! so DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!

let's court like they used to do in the old days! i feel that's why they stayed married over 50 yrs!

make her your BEST FRIEND...

consider her feelings. listen to her. talk to her...COMMUNICATE!

spend time with her, and spend it wisely. dont over-think it, but see it as an investment towards your future with her. you do want a future with her, right??

and know when to give her space...trust me, she'll be thinking about you while she's on her grind as well..just send her a nice text to let her know you're thinking of her..

PT 2 coming soon! i wanna go a lil deeper. but this is just what's on my mind for the moment.

****please excuse the some of the CORNY pix. i thought they were cute and funny!****

much love yall!

XOXO, Verne'
P.S. please post your feedback here. am i on the right track so far? BUT, if you'd like to ADD something of your own, please send it to lady.verne@gmail.com. dont be shy. you can use an alias..hehee...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cherry Culture website


i have been looking ALL over for this link for MONTHS NOW! ugh! and i finally found it!! YEAHHHUUURRR! havent ordered anything there yet, but i remember there were some items people were going COOCOO over for a while from the site..but i DO i have my sights on the NYX eyeshadow base in WHITE, recommended by Queen of Blending MUA. she states it's way better than the sticks because of creasing. i have a MAJOR issue with that and i haven't seen it in any stores so i just may need to order it if i cant find it soon.

there are also two other colors there in PEARL and SKIN TONE [definitely not mine...hehe]

has anyone ordered from there? i will give you feedback once i do.


xoxo, Verne'



now at first, i will be honest, i was expecting the pallet to be larger. that's why it's good to pay close attention to the dimensions. but trust me once you put this bad boy to work, you wont be disappointed!

with flash

w/o flash

i'm getting a lil better. this product is so different tho. much different than any other product i've tried. it goes on so smoothly. and blends very nicely..without putting in elbow grease packing it on and such with other brands. layering is great as well.
the palette was purchased from::: http://www.bhcosmetics.com

other makeup used:::

NYX shadow stick for base: yogurt
zuri powder foundation: cocoa bronze
fashion fair blush: golden sunset
revlon gloss: wild about violet
victoria secret gloss: canteloopy
maybeline brow pencil: dark brown
maybeline eyeliner: black
E.L.F. false lashes: #1713. also comes with adhesive gel.

E.L.F. brushes used: eyeshadow brush for the whole lid, including the blending, highlighting, and conturing. eyeliner brush for the lash line.

i want to work more with this palette, have a lil fun and see with this goes! stay tuned!

much love!

xoxo, Verne'

Rachel Roy Interview, Fashion's Night Out

wonderful interview with the beautiful Rachel Roy. she even stated if she got a enough feedback for a plus size collection she would DO it! :)

let's hop to it ladies!

i even left feedback on her fb page:::

here's my post::

hey rachel. i really enjoyed watching your interview with AFROBELLA. i see that you were wanting to get feedback from us plus size ladies about starting a division for us. and it is DEFINITELY NEEDED! and please dont stop at sizes 20. please provide larger sizes. right now i'm in a size 26, formerly a 30. i love fashio...n. i love to dress nice, i love to shop, it's just HARD. even at the SO-CALLED plus size stores, that are starting to get outrageously high-priced and boring! please help us out. and the junior plus ladies need your help too. thanks so much for asking for our feedback. we will support you all the way!

hit her up [nicely..lol she's on our side] at:: http://www.facebook.com/RachelRoy

Sunday, July 25, 2010

7-25-10 i like keepin it CLASSY!

and i LOVE getting things for CHEAP! haaa!

earrings: GIVEN by to me by GRANNY.
necklace: resale shop. i got another one like it..trynna see if i wanna connect them or make earrings..iono.
ring: Zoe Shreveport. sale last winter. forgot how much it was
headband: was from a hair ribbon [from the 90's] that i took apart.
hair: old WIG brushed out..brought back to LIFE! it was kinky curly at first. [sorry i couldnt find better pix]
dress: 7$ on sale at RAINBOW!! yup..RAINBOW..ha! bought it yesterday [along with others that were 7$ as well]. my favorite part of the whole outfit and i just had to show it off!
shrug: lane bryant clearance.
shoes: target. sale.

i've basically been going NUTS wanting/buying dresses tho! at good prices too! i'll post more later..sorry i've been behind. things have been crazy! i need to hit up a thrift shop one weekend. i usually find ok stuff there..just alot of digging..so this may not be for those that aren't into that kinda thing..

xoxo, Verne'

Monday, July 5, 2010

not so pretty PCOS [pt. 3]

i will elaborate now on MY story. hopefully this will help someone find some relief and encouragement. know that if you're dealing with craziness that you dont understand..you are NOT alone! this is hard for me because i dont open up too easily. but GOD allows us to go through things to help others, even on our way to our own personal wins!

CAUTION::: SOME OF THIS MAYBE A LIL TMI FOR SOME...so please keep that in mind as you read.

i remember it started with the SIDEBURNS...they kept growing. i was about 14 or 15 at the time. overweight, depressed and now THIS?! it was so embarrassing. i never really noticed it was that bad until someone, a DUDE, pointed it out. then it seemed like things went downhill from there.

i also remember my neck was darker than the rest of my body, i didnt know what that was all about. i was made fun of about that, even by my own family members. saying i didnt bathe good. i remember getting alcohol-soaked towels and SCRUBBING my neck until it was raw..with NO luck!

then when i was 17 i noticed a lil hair on my neck, then two, then three. i was told it was just hormones, just hereditary. i had a boyfriend at the time and when he noticed it i wanted to JUMP out of a window! ahhhh! noooo!

about 18, my periods were VERY heavy and i've even had a few embarrassing incidents. mind you, MORE facial hair and NOW...a nice lil mustache..not as thick as some i've seen though! THANK YOU JESUS!

age 19-20 the periods would get so heavy and painful, my first few days i laid in the bed in fetal position, weak. even during the PMS time frame. it was the WORST ever!!!

then all of a sudden...the bleeding didnt stop! and it went on every day for 3 yrs...heavy bleeding, clotting, pain, with maybe a day or two break in between..i was so scared. imagine pushing down of your lower abdomen...and there's MORE! even painful to touch at times! it was even hard to sleep on my stomach (even now..). constantly changing pads..OVERNIGHT SUPERLONG WITH WINGS and a license to fly! haha! them big ole pads that sound like a diaper when you walk! ugh! NOT SEXY! then so weak and lightheaded from losing so much blood. and depressed even more because NOW i felt like i wasn't NORMAL at all..like i was definitely a FREAK! like i was being CURSED! then the WEIGHT came on even more! and i locked myself in the house!

i was always told it was ALL BECAUSE OF my weight. even the facial hair. they said my excess weight throws the body's hormones off track, which is partially true, but i wonder if these people have been educated on PCOS. didnt even know what it was until i was 27! and by then i was NOT having a period! praying for a miracle.

so YEAH...three years CONSTANT bleeding (endometriosis maybe? they never told me. but with ME doing my own research and reading..i THOUGHT that's what it was.)

tried to take birth control pills, they made everything go haywire! the mood swings were like CRAZY. WAY too much to handle! among other things, so i STOPPED.

then a while after that..IT STOPPED..COMPLETELY!!! three years NO PERIOD..i REALLY begin to get scared..thinking 'what if it's a tumor, or tumors or CANCER'?

did a series of test..didnt have DIABETES! THANK YOU JESUS, but i was borderline diabetic/insulin resistant which could EASILY escalate to diabetes if i didnt lose the weight. seeing my cousin die at such a young age (37) of this disease shocked me back to reality! i was basically eating my life away! i was THISSSS close to being 400LBS [before i decided to do SOMETHING]! the WORST feeling ever! to step on the scale and see the numbers that high, to have all of these odds (other ailments) against you. to look in the mirror and NOT recognize yourself..if you could even stand look in the mirror long enough to even notice how bad it REALLLLY IS/WAS!

i finally got a sonogram (external and internal..omg that was BAD!!! the PAIN! because my cervix and uterus was so high i had to get jammed with that thing to get a proper reading! just terrible!) and they found the cysts on my ovaries and in my uterus, but not big enough to be a threat. they did a pap and didnt find cancerous cells. THANK GOD!

then with the combination of symptoms that were checked when i was diagnosed BORDERLINE DIABETIC::

weight gain. mainly in the midsection (also from stress for me..)
soreness in the abdominal area
facial hair
dark spots of skin on my neck, knees and elbows.
maybe a few skin tags [like elevated moles]
depression..i felt like a freak..and still do! the crazy hormonal changes does things to you physically and emotionally.
insulin resistance (chunks your metabolism in the trash, making it harder to lose weight.)
alot of hair shedding and thinning

i was finally diagnosed with PCOSthe enemy finally had a name...

..that was 3yrs ago. now i'm on a mission to FIGHT EVEN HARDER!

at first i was like LORD IF IT AINT ONE THING IT'S ANOTHER?! but He wont put more on us that we can bear! i had to remind myself of that the other day even as tears stream down my face! as symptoms seem to MOUNT..and yes the PRESSURE gets to be a bit much...but i'm willing to do what it takes to win!

also looking back on my family history, alot of women have had 'female problems'. even my mom having a hysterectomy at a young age, maybe in her early 30's. she said when they removed everything there were cysts like a cluster of grapes on her ovaries...sounds like PCOS to me...but dont quote me on that..then had WLS..

so i've lost a bit of weight. it's been a HARD 3 yr battle, but i've lost over 73 lbs..gained some back..but i'm working on nipping that in the bud! (with the back injury and all. another story! smh) also i've noticed the dark patches have lightened up SIGNIFICANTLY..especially on my knees, which have almost fade COMPLETELY. even my neck has lightened up a bit! THANK GOD! i used to use bleaching cream on the patches with lil or NO luck! since i was allergic to it, ESPECIALLY from the chest up..ugh!

BUT the facial hair is still there (which i have to remove, almost DAILY! but i'm looking into somethings for that as well.). the middle is still there (along with the bloating from IBS. another symptom of PCOS from my understanding)..not as bad tho..my periods have started to get a lil crazy again (especially with the stress i'm dealing with right now on my job other health issues trying to break me down) but at least i still have a period! which was a MIRACLE I PRAYED FOR.

ok..i was gonna END here..but GOD brought that back to my memory of how HE healed me!

when i went those 3YRS w/o a period. at first it was a relief since i bled all that time before, i felt i need a break..then when the years went on...i was like 'THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND'. so i started praying..then one SUNDAY MORNING one of the ministers said there's a spirit of HEALING in the room so i instantly lifted my hands and felt GOD's presence as never before..i felt something moving around, i felt so much warmth and electricity all over my body, then the heat grew in my lower abdomen, exactly were my womb was! i've NEVER felt anything like that before! and i'm in tears just thinking about it right now! i literally felt a RELEASE or something..how can i describe it? it was just AMAZING! i knew exactly what that release was for!!! the NEXT DAY i had my PERIOD! after 3yrs, then GOD healed me like THAT *snap*! i lived to witness a MIRACLE in my own lifetime!! and it happened to ME!!!!

and that was about a year or so ago!!! and i still have a period! it's trying to get a lil wacky again but i know God is giving me the knowledge and the strength and the tools to fight this and help others! so many others that have this have shared their stories. one lady named AUDREY shares her story, even personally encouraged me. and i appreciate her for that!

so for a while i forgot all about it..then things started getting worse. EVERYTHING was out of wack! felt like my body was breaking down! i started PRAYING! asking GOD for a miracle, asking for wisdom, whatever to be HEALED. especially with my WEIGHT being my NUMBER ONE target right now! and He said GO BACK TO WHAT'S AILING YOU, GO BACK TO THE SOURCE, WHY ARE THINGS LIKE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW? WHY ARE YOU NOT ABLE TO LOSE THE WEIGHT? i was like 'eating? emotions? these hrs? my injuries?' He said, NO. IT'S NOT THAT. GO TO THE CORE. then i remember i looked down..and touched my stomach...PCOS..that's right!! He told me YOU CAN FIGHT ALL DAY AND LOSE. I UNDERSTAND YOU TRIED YOUR BEST AND I'M PROUD OF YOU. AND NOW IT'S TIME TO GO TO THE NEXT THING. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. DONT BE AFRAID TO CALL DRS. I'LL GUIDE YOU.

then the i checked for PCOS again online and check videos and meds. things started coming back to me as a talk with Audrey was now in my memory. and how she worked with a specialist..and is doing MUCH better! OK..THAT'S IT!!!

so yeah! GOD gives DRS knowledge and know how for a REASON..it all comes from HIM! even the wisdom to create tools to help us and assist in healing! so i went to the DR today for weightloss..and we'll see how things go! the next visit will strictly be for PCOS. next testing would be for GOD KNOWS WHAT?! ha!! HEAVEN HELP!

So when you get a DIAGNOSES, dont give up! dont hang your head in shame! do YOUR part and study what you can. how can you know how to fight if you dont know what your fighting?! check the symptoms, know the names, pray about it, study, dont give up! get the weapons and fight! because you can exercise the rest of your life, but if your metabolism is CRAPPY, you wont see the results as you would expect! so find what BOOSTS that metabolism and go for the WIN!!!


not so pretty PCOS [pt. 2]

i watched the following documentary about a lady with a similar story and started crying..like I'M NOT CRAZY!!!!!

pt. 1

pt. 2

pt. 3

Sunday, July 4, 2010

not so pretty PCOS [pt. 1]

stressful, life-changing events and many other things have caused a slowing down of weightloss. i've even felt some weight gain..dun dun dunnn..

i've found it so hard to lose the weight no matter how hard i've tried! gave up a time or two..and it seems like..when i try to treat one thing..another one arises..i'm dealing with alot of things right now, but my main battle/WAR right now is the WEIGHT..

i was praying to God, asking for guidance and wisdom on what to do. i was asking WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? WHAT IS THIS? i could here him say, GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING, the source...check the center. He started bringing things to my memory..and BOOM...PCOS. that's it..i was diagnosed with it a few yrs back...BUT NEVER TREATED. and i'm kinda upset that there are meds out there that could help me but they never offered them..smh..

here are some SYMPTOMS..and YES this is hereditary...that's why it's good to know your family history as well.

* Multiple ovarian cysts
* Irregular or absent menses
* Infertility
* Acne
* Obesity or inability to lose weight
* Excessive body or facial hair (hirsutism)
* Insulin resistance and possibly diabetes
* Thinning of scalp hair
* Velvety, hyper-pigmented skin folds (acanthosis nigricans)
* High blood pressure
* Polycystic ovaries that are 2-5 times larger than healthy ovaries.
* Multiple hormone imbalances, commonly including:
o Androgens (testosterone)
o Cortisol
o Estrogens
o FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
o Insulin.
o LH (luteinizing hormone)
o progesterone
o Prolactin.
o Thyroid hormones.
* Impaired lung function.
* Sleep apnea.
* Fatty liver degeneration (NAFLD).

i know it seems like i'm puttin all my biz out there and i may get bagged on but hey! i hope this helps someone..so if you're dealing with a combo of these symptoms, you may wanna check this out.

for ME and many others with PCOS...lose the WEIGHT..MANY symptoms fade...

KNOWLEDGE is power! if you dont know what's ailing you, you're fighting a LOSING battle. knowlege is power. just dont get intimidated or depressed by drs reports. PRAY for healing, knowlege, guidance, and devine connections. study whatever dis-eases you, and go on a mission to take your health and well-being back! NO YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! no... matter WHAT you've been told! and HEALING IS FOR YOU!

so yeah..i'm taking the next step...to be continued..pray as i go on this journey.


i KNOW you may be thinking 'WHY is she posting this? i thought this was about fashion and beauty'. if you know anything about PCOS, you know there's nothing CUTE about it. this is just apart of my journey, taking my DIVA BACK by facing this monster head-on. and dealing with this disease definitely doesnt make one feel attractive at all..

PLZ check the next blog for this documentary i found.

Monday, June 14, 2010

1 hr DRESS!

HOW COOL IS THIS?! in need to try this and see how it works. i also have these MAXI dresses i'm working on [NO PATTERN] so i need to finish those..but i'm working on EARRINGS right now! more i'll show the finish asap!


also check my store to see what i DID post so far: http://verne.trendyindie.com [recently HAIR FLOWERS]


i'll be back SOON! things have been CRAZY around here! but hey you can follow my ranDUMBness on twitter @alicia_aka_vfly

Saturday, April 24, 2010

a PLUS SIZE MODEL?! who ME?! O_o

NOTE::: i typed this entry ORIGINALLY on 4/17/10 of course before the whole LANE BRYANT thing went down [check the previous entry incase you're not sure of what i mean.] so please dont think i'm ranting because of that whole incident or 'OH GOD! ANOTHER FAT GURL TRYNNA MODEL!' to try to gain popularity based on what's going on. i just had this in my DRAFTS til i found the energy to put my lil 1 minute vid together [aww..lol] which you'll see at the bottom of this post.

ok..on with tha blog..

i remember when plus size models started to hit the scene and gain some recognition. i was wowed but still didnt see anyone that looked like me. beautiful..but STILL another 'standard' i felt i had to measure up too..again coming up 'short' in my eyes. but i remember my confidence was elevated when i found BELLE Magazine [i need to find them somewhere in storage and post some pix]! anyone remember that mag? omg! i was on a cloud to see beautiful women that looked like me. and it was then that i secretly wanted to be a plus size model, even tho i'm a lil short only 5ft 5 and A HALF! [lmbo!] inches. over the years i remember people saying 'you're so photogenic, have you ever thought of modeling?' funny thing is i've always THOUGHT about it. but living in this small town it's like there's no way out..

long story short..when i started gaining weight, i lost ALOT of myself. there was so much going on: got out of a bad relationship, moved away, had to move back, had an accident, was out of a job...i just felt lost and worthless. so i got a wake up call when a relative passed of diabetes at a really young age. and NO! he was not overweight. [sad it takes that for us sometimes, though]. i started my weightloss journey and tried to gain some confidence back and thought about modeling again. i've even chatted with a model before and she said in 'REALISTIC' terms i was too large to be a plus size model! and maybe i am but... REALLY?! she was just a few sizes smaller than me, if that! so i was confused! hmm..iono yall....that's as far as i'll go on that one...but it had me kinda down..so i was like WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

so NOW that i'm halfway to my goal mark and my confidence is building back up, along with people asking me about modeling again, i'm thinkin bout it...AGAIN... even if just for fun for a while..iono! i dont want it to be SOOOO SERIOUS that i lose love of the craft. i just mainly take pix for fun at the moment. and with a MUSIC project coming up [whenever that happens..bwahah!], i gotta get more pix to get my face out there. but maybe take modeling more serious when i get smaller if i dont have alot of other craziness going on.

then i started thinkin...'but why not NOW'? why wait til i get to that 'PERFECT' size to be a plus size model?! or do or BE anything else for that matter!

i also thought about being a NATURAL HAIR MODEL as well. i mean, got..FLAUNT it and make it WORK! EVEN THOUGH..i'm wearing a wig in the last few shots! HA! but i want to do a shoot SPECIFICALLY with my hair [growing out of my scalp..lol] in mind...

i hope to have more soon! i always have ideas for different looks.

Verne' Couture

just dreamin a lil..iono..i was bored...

Friday, April 23, 2010


so they dont want you to see THIS for showing too much skin? showing too much cleavage? being too sexy?

but you see THIS all the time?

things that make you go HMM...

i could go on and on about this topic but yall know wassup! but i have nothing against my smaller sistahs. this world is just so friggen biased! it's disgusting!

also model in the Lane Bryant commercial [ASHLEY GRAHAM] speaks out!

>>>>>CLICK HERE for the link.<<<<<


Sunday, April 18, 2010


today i went to a church program with momz and her guests had to wear purple [they spoke on colors in the bible, very good stuff] so this is what i wore. didnt have time to finish unbraiding the hair on the full head so i wore the beret as a beanie.

top, cardigan, slacks: LANE BRYANT. and POW! that was easy! lol

[sb: i could not even get into these pants a few mos ago! God is GOOD! just a reminder so yeah..i'mma keep mentioning my weightloss! HA!]

closeup of the shoe: SOFTSPOTS. they're sorta comfy at times. the toe and strap can be a lil harsh at times but they're cute, make my feet look smaller and provide great support! my back thanks you! got these from SHOE DEPOT.


knocketh NOT my nerd swaggery! lol

[hair: braidout. earrings: made by my granny. beanie: claire's. face: max factor gloss, HIP shadow duo, fashion fair blush, zuri foundation.]


ps: one of the missionary mothas had on a hat just like mine but it was blue! ha! i love it! i wanted it! i started to ask where she got it. :)

[time to check on another cam. i had these on flash and STILL had to lighten them up in PSE. i'mma get better yall! thanks for ya support so far! there's so much MORE i wanna do with this blog]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

this should be a DAILY reminder!

let's take time out to STOP telling ourselves that we aren't good enough. that we'll never be perfect. never have the perfect hair, perfect eyes, lips, perfect nose, even body shape. we need to stop walking around with our heads down, afraid to free ourselves because others may look at us funny or say something offensive! it's time that we free ourselves with NOTHING TO PROVE! by just being who we are...without even trying..

now that's Beautiful

Monday, April 5, 2010


i am SO lovin this look! it's so feminine and gurly with a cute lil retro touch to it!

well i entered this into a contest entry and i think it's cute how it all came together!


floral top: plus size fix
skirt: b&lu
wedges: miu miu
crop cardigan: ashley stewart
bag: vivienne westwood
necklace and bracelet: betsey johnson
earrings: fantasy jewelry box
reversible beret: mauri web channel international

::check >> HERE << for my polyvore::

Sunday, April 4, 2010


so yeah i've decided to get my grown-n-sexy on with this one. with my pearls and all! didnt have time to do my hair like i wanted to tho!

[middle going DOWN..ahh yeah!]

[dress: lane bryant]

[please excuse the plastic runner..ugh..lol and it kinda looks like i should've gone down a size..hmmm...maybe! lol i need to revisit this look...maybe another belt to see the diff]

close up of ruffle detail..

shoes close up

[shoes: TARGET]

close up. check the diva smile!
[hair: chunky twist-out, finger styled. color: clairol's textures and tones in BLAZIN burgundy]

[jewelry: mom's personal collection. pearls for that QUEEEEN TOHHOO BEEE! lol]

[powder: zuri. blush: fashion fair. liner for eyes and brows: maybelline. mascara: cover girl. eyeshadow: milani, HIP. gloss: revlon, max factor, victoria secret.]

Friday, April 2, 2010

Diva WEEKEND pt. 2!

so i posted on FB [last weekend] that i was in DIRE need of some pampering and my good buddy hit me up and had the AWESOME idea of during natural facials. i remember doing these back in the day in COSMO class and my wheels started turning again. the facial concoctions we used during this session are different from the ones used in COSMO class but the BENEFITS weren't LESS AWESOME.
[sidenote: before you try any of these treatments, please keep your allergies in mind. and if you are allergic to any of the following ingredients, please check out ehow.com for facials to suit you.]


***started off with a GREEN TEA steam facial***

let the tea cool down some, from a rolling boil to a steady steam. steam with a towel over your head 10 mins or more. don't get too close! i got carried away and burned my chin! lol not bad tho! you will SEE and feel the difference!

[benefits: opens pores. deep cleans. antioxidants in the green tea protect skin from free radicals! *POW!*]

i even dropped in a sleepy time tea bag! and i slept like a log. haha! [didn't have lavendar]

***cooled down with a PLAIN yogurt facial!***

simple..just put it on your face like a cold cream [noxema for example]. let it set 5-10 mins and rinse.

[benefits: refines pores. exfoliates skin.]

and for my fellow diva-in-crime, i mixed this facial up for her:

***half an avocado [i took the other half with me]***

[benefits: moisturizes skin. smooths fine wrinkles.]

a few drops of lime juice,

[benefits: helps mild acne. cleans. refreshes. clarifies. fresh lime is best.]

and i also added some
PLAIN YOGURT. same as in the pic above! [next time we'll add honey]

looks like
guacamole to me! hehe!

[easiest to spread more effectively if you have a blender!]

***then i finished off with a pedi***

soaked my feet for about 15-20 mins. felt brand new!!

used avon footsoak [can't remember the other soak right off. will repost an update.] finished with Miracle of Aloe's MIRACLE FOOT REPAIR [awesome stuff!!! it has 60% ALOE] then some polish! i aint postin my toes tho! haha maybe next time!

[benefits: look at those BUBBLES and you tell me! hehe! this almost knocked me out forreal!!]


i was SOOOO needing this! can't wait for the next one!