Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Little BLACK BOOK!

before cellphones THIS [in the pic up] used to be the most sacred thing to a man...nowadays he may even have a separate set of numbers stored on his phone in a folder with this title or codenames stored on his phone. for example::: Tony would be for Tonya or Shane for Shaneequa [you know i had to throw that name out]...hmmm..iono..wut do you think?

would a brotha would be willing to 'burn' his lil black book? or is he afraid? afraid of letting his guard down? giving everything to this ONE woman, instead of being a lil of this and that to EVERY woman he finds an attraction to?

giving up all of that power could be frightening, huh? the feeling of giving your all to this one individual that could crush you under her pinky finger if she wanted to, depending on what chick you're dealing with. not knowing what the future holds. not having a padded landing in-case things fall apart and you're left all alone.

but what if things work and you're dragging around this book? this lil badge of honor, this protection to show that you 'still got it'. many failed relationships has caused guys to carry this around like a security blanket.

*but do you REALLY love her if you keep this around?

*do you REALLY know what you want?

*what type of chicks are you dealing with that you don't want to let this go?

*what type of issues are hiding behind this lil black book?

*are you ready to remove this from in front of your heart?

*are you willing to let go of what all of your SINGLE/unfaithful friends have to say about your relationship?

you're not whipped if you're in love!! and i would GREATLY applaud a man who would be willing to erase all numbers, to burn this dreadful book, that keeps magically appearing when problems occur in relationships. and instead of running to, texting, or calling your BACK-UP, go to your WOMAN and talk it out with her. communicate with her. tell her how you feel, no matter how difficult it may seem sometime. a real woman will listen to what you have to say, ESPECIALLY if she loves you. your feelings and heart mean the world to her and she wouldn't do anything to cause a threat to your emotions and growth as a man.


fellas i could be TOTALLY off on this and i dont wanna be misreading yall. so please let me know why you [those that do] still hold on to the 'BOOK'?

[originally written 9/29/10. edited 11/11/10]

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