Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Future Husband PT 1

once again! twitter has some interesting topics. i so happened to find this guy who was tweeting about his future wife and there were some really awesome things he was saying. good to know a guy was thoughtful and not vain. instead of saying his future wife had to have a body like THIS, hair like THAT, face like HERS.. he was more concentrated on her inner beauty and what he would do for her to please her. also how he's preparing himself for her and even praying for her tho he's never met her. [i do the same thing for my future husband, so thank GOD i'm not crazy! lol] THANKS! and NO, this is not directed to him or anyone for that matter, except MY FUTURE HUSBAND.

now for MY version...


-will know what it's like to be treated like the KING he is.

-will get surprises as well. tickets to see his favorite teams or artists. dinners at his favorite spots. trips to special places. even giving him charge over the remote for a day! lol. let him lounge in his big chair, wrapped up in that nice fluffy robe i bought him..

-will not have to doubt my love and fidelity.

-can be confident i will protect his heart, being his rib.

-is also CONFIDENT in who he is in God and as a man. not arrogant or cocky.

- can trust me with his secrets, passions, even his struggles. and i vow to not use any weakness against him during a disagreement.

-can be free with me to laugh, be goofy, even cry..

-will get the alone time he needs to pray, plan, create, also be able to socialize with friends. and will NOT abuse that freedom. he'll know and respect the time that belongs to US.

-will have the leadership role as HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.

-will realize me as THE Proverbs 31: 10-31 woman!

- will love and respect God, himself, me and others around him.

-will be a peacemaker, not full of drama!

-will stand for what's right even when it's not popular to do so.

-will have the gift of wisdom beyond his years and a motivator or many.

-will be a meek and humble spirit, who knows these two characteristics doesn't mean you're a pushover!

-is a leader, sets trends, and is ahead of his time.

-will be a great father, and will have wisdom from God on how to raise his future kings and queens.

-will never take NO for answer if what he wants is what's been promised. he's willing to roll up his sleeves, work, and FIGHT FOR IT!

-is very protective, but not jealous or controlling.

-has book smarts and street smarts. so he KNOWS not to get into any foolery 'out there'...

-will not have to wonder IF i love him!

- will be FOREVER! we are meant to be and will work out every issue that we may have.

-will not let me have a bad day. nor will i allow him to have one.

- is laying the foundation for our future. preparing himself to be the rest of his life with me.

[originally written 10-22-10]


this writing here really made me do some thinking! it makes me want to work even HARDER to be the WOMAN OF GOD that has been promised! i'm still on this journey working on ME and i'm far from perfect! i have quite a be to work on but i believe that GOD is opening my eyes. even when i started to retype this from the papers i had, HE started to convict me about somethings. so trust me, i wouldnt be typing all of this for nothing! this is all from my heart and if i'm not there already in some areas, TRUST ME, i WILL GET THERE! and THAT'S A PROMISE!

***ONCE AGAIN! this is NOT directed towards ANYONE in particular so dont get it twisted! ha! i was just inspired! just had to put that out there!***

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