Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Essence, This is disturbing!

so i was reading this article on essence's fb page and it was talking about a LARGER BUTT can help you live longer, so i read it and was pretty much lost.

read the article in the link first, then my response please::

this article disturbs me! first there's a pic of a chick with butt implants. but most disturbing is the fact that you make it seem like it's ok for those young guys to cop a feel and lift your skirts [agreeing with misdiva dc]. what kind of mess is that?! and just because it's on almost every channel and in all the mags, that doesn't make me feel any better. especially in the ways us as black women have been betrayed for centuries, we are still at the bottom of the totem pole to many! and this must stop! maybe the sista in the LONG SWEATER is tired of being objectified. or the one that dresses modestly has respect for herself and chooses to wear clothes that compliment her body, not show every nook and cranny..this doesnt mean she's self-conscious at all. it may just mean that she's confident in who she is as a person, not a body part!

also to maintain a healthy body, shouldn't there be a part where we can eat healthier and what our BMI's and heart rates should be. what to ask the dr to check when we visit? what about exercises to do for our backsides?

[i didnt post this response on the website. i started to tho. but the following are responses i posted in the comment section on the fb page. sorry if some sounds repetitive since the top half wasn't actually posted.]

so the question was DO YOU LOVE YOUR BIG BOOTY? [Sound Off: Why a Big Booty May Help You Live Longer]

[this part was BEFORE i read the article]

even if it's fake? lol can't silicone get in your bloodstream and kill you? that's not gonna help you live longer!

mine aint fake and i like it sometimes wish it was bigger and wish i had hips. sometimes we're never satisfied with what we have.

[this part was AFTER i read the article]

ok..i read the article and it's kinda disturbing! braggin about young guys lifting girls skirts and copping a feel. sayin a sista is self-conscious cuz she isn't wearing the TIGHTEST thing she can find. this is messed up! what kinda message... is this sending out? especially to our young girls? and there's NOTHING to brag about with seeing sistas on almost every channel and mag with their butts all out! we need to have more respect for ourselves. sistas are still looked at as SARA BAARTMAN and treated no better by our own. nothing wrong with being proud of our bodies, but there's a difference between being proud and being half nekkittt as a cry for help! i was actually looking at this article to find something of relevance. maybe a healthy BMI number, what exercises to do, eating habits, something? shame!