Tuesday, December 7, 2010

relationship thoughts / 'advice' concerns / why is she saying ANYTHING?!

i know i hear ppl say 'how can someone single tell me how to get and keep a man?' haha same thing with a virgin teaching sex ed right? haha but yeah i've been in a few relationships, believe it or not, and from my experiences i've formed a mental [and sometimes physical] list of what i DO and DONT want! which is constantly being modified. even after looking at other people's relationships. dont act like you dont do that too! haha GOOD and BAD!

and i admit i havent always been perfect in my decisions on going forward in relationships and i'm going to take that into consideration as well when choosing someone in my future. now THAT could be another blog within itself! wooo! HOPE ME, JESSE! [insider] haha!

with that being said, i'm not going to say THIS is the magic formula or THAT. i'm just telling how i feel and what i've heard others say that actually makes a bit of sense to me, because i've seen things work in many other relationships. so SOMETIMES it's a 'majority rules' or 'common knowledge' type situation when it comes to dating and relationships. somethings you just have to feel with your gutt. and tweak SOMEthings that will fit into your relationship [things arent the same as when our folx grew up but many have WISDOM! DONT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED! cuz aint NOTHING new under the sun and aint no dogs doin new tricks! lmbo. old sayings right?! hehe..]. and that's what you have to remember, it's YOUR relationship. so if nothing i say flows well with you, you dont have to agree or try to get into it. but if you just get a lil nugget, hey...i'm glad i could be a lil help to you.

[sidenote: no one is perfect. ok continue!]

i know for ONE BIG THING i want, and i'm sure we ALLLLL can agree on this one: RESPECT. so i shouldn't have to be MARRIED or BOO'd up to tell you that should be on your list as well.

and with ALL relationships, there has to be some open flow of communication. that goes for business and personal.

hopefully you can understand other things are just my POV's [what i feel in my heart and soul based on my experiences, surroundings, and beliefs/spirituality], so please take that as such, respecfully. now as i've said before if you find something helpful and/or reassuring, BY GOLLY take it and run with it!

this is a growing/learning experience for me. i'll also be sharing my process as well. and as it is revealed to me layer by layer, the REAL ME. i want to be able to express how i feel about this whole development of me and i'm EXCITED.

that's where PROJECT TAKING DIVA BACK is in full effect. every blog on this spot right here is about that! but the MAIN FOCUS:: i want to get back to who i am and was destined to be [removing every layer of what was added that doesnt have a purpose in my destiny]. and a big part of me is concerned with / interested in relationships.

i want to be the BEST ME i can be before i cross paths with the ONE GOD HAS FOR ME! and yes i believe in that! i believe in DESTINY. i believe in the DIVINE HAND! so it wont be an accident, even if we happen to bump into each other..especially since i'm a clumsy lil dreamer! ha [this also goes for ANYTHING i do. i KNOW i shouldn't have to wait on a man to want to be the BEST me. but remember, i am speaking on relationships at the moment.]

soon i shall post more of my 'fantasies' [i cant help it i'm a HOPEFUL romantic], so please forgive me in advance if you disagree with my views since i'm SINGLE and all, BY CHOICE [trust me]! lmbo but please RESPECT my POV's! infact, you dont even have to read my blogs at all..ha!

thank you COME AGAIN!

just thought i'd get that off my chest!