Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Again! 2016 lol

I'm BACK! 😂 AGAIN! 😏

I'd like to apologize for neglecting this blog over and over! Ugh! So much has been going on (I may blog about it one day 😂). I'm actually typing from my phone right now because YET ANOTHER PC HAS CRASHED! 😖 But I'm back FOR REAL THIS TIME!  Lol So please bear with me as I attempt to get my footing again.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been patient and encouraging to me all this time. Your kind words and believing in me and stuff?! It definitely means A WHOLE LOT, no lie! This is just the beginning. AGAIN! Lol. So please excuse any sloppiness, disorganization, typos, rants, crappy posts, etc. Thanks in advance! 😘

I PROMISE! The next post will be soon! This current method is like pulling teeth, because I'm so limited in what I can do for the moment. But I'm determined to WIN this time around!

So fasten your seatbelts and let's take a ride! AGAIN! Yeah, I know that was corny! But I needed something to COORDINATE (yes I said COORDINATE! #bangbang 😂) with the pic below! Lol

Hey, boo! Ain't I cute?! 😘😂

P.S. Dont be afraid to begin again and again AND AGAIN! Be determined to reach your goals no matter how many setbacks you have. Stop comparing your journey to someone else's! You'll be alot further along when you stay focused on YOU. This is something I'm learning myself! Don't give up on your dreams! 💜💜💜

Monday, April 18, 2016


I just want to start off by saying these items were sent to me FREE for review and testing purposes from INFLUENSTER.  My opinion is not swayed depending on whether or not I get free stuff. Nor does it get me opportunities for more free stuff. I will give an honest encounter of my experience with each product. Enjoy 😊

At the end of February I received these items for review. They're from the LOREAL EXTRAORDINARY OIL line. As you can see there's a shampoo, conditioner, and serum. I must say I got excited because I honestly like trying new things, especially if will make the task of taming my mane a little easier. If you've followed me on social media you'll know what I mean. In case you don't, I'll insert a pic. 😉

This pic was taken awhile back. Could've been before SHAMPOO DAY which is my part time job 😂. I honestly love my hair like this. But as you can imagine, it can become a challenge. And I want to make things as simple as possible.

I'm having issues with my it's too much of a hassle to get the pix of when I first shampooed my hair. But I will let you know that my first experience was a bit scary!

I've learned THE HARD WAY that it doesn't take alot of shampoo to cleanse my hair. I guess I've been used to using quite a bit because I have alot of hair. But I made the mistake and got heavy handed with the product. The shampoo made so many bubbles that I ended up choking on them and was coughing up bubbles for the rest of the day! 😭😭😭😭😂 I can laugh about it now! But I could literally see my life flashing before my eyes!

I usually co-wash in between shampoos, but the next few times, I tried again. This time I wasn't drowning in bubbles in the shower. 😂 Those last few times I noticed a few things. It takes a minute to get all the suds out so rinse well. And I couldn't leave the conditioner in long because my scalp began to burn. I noticed my hair smelling like an alcoholic beverage, which was strange. I looked at the label on the shampoo and noticed alcohol was very close to the top of the ingredient list. Probably why my scalp started burning a bit. And NO...not drinking alcohol. 😒😂 But after a bit of rinsing, my hair was super soft and ready to detangle.

I had no issues with the serum. It's really my favorite. It made my hair soft, shiny amd easier to detangle. And it doesn't leave that weird coating or build up on my hair the way most serums have in the past. So it's definitely good for when you need it. And the bonus is that it doesn't weigh my hair down. Even though my hair is very thick, I do not like for my hair to be weighed down and overloaded with product.

Since the weather is bad, I refuse to deal with my hair today. So I'll show you how it looked from my previous shampoo and styling. I may do another blog or vlog in full face to show the results at a later time.

Another bonus is my hair stays smelling nice and is soft until the next shampoo session.

And the AFTERMATH! As you can see, I've used over half! There's literally a drop of conditioner left. I'm not surprised by that at all because it takes alot to detangle my hair. I don't have to use alot of serum though. But you can seen it has been used.

If you've used these products before, let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope to get back into the swing of things SOON! In the meantime keep up with me by clicking on the following links:

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Well, well, well! Let's just say, it's been quite a journey! I've been on a LONG hiatus, but I have so much catching up today! Please excuse the dust! Let me snatch up some cobwebs and I'll be back ASAP!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello, Beautiful People!

I know it's been awhile since I've updated my blog. ALOT has been going on this way. From my health, to being a full-time student again. So sorry I've left you all hanging! I promise to do better. Hopefully when a few things come through this way, I'll be able to update you all more often. Especially through my youtube channel. I still update my fanpage every now and then. I need to go through my archives here and see what'g going on. Thanks for reading! Hope to see you all again soon!


Lady V.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Product Review: Yvette Allen 'Ms. Tanisha' Handbag

This is a picture of Yours Truly 'modeling' the Ms. Tanisha bag. Isn't she lovely?! It matches my coat PERFECTLY! I'll be taking more pictures soon to let this bag get some more shine! (photo credit: Gent Lamar)

I thought it was TOO COOL that a dust bag came with the handbag. Extra details make a difference and gives a very exclusive feel. You can tell when someone takes pride in their work. The 'little things'.

I took this picture when I first opened the package. The top picture (of me holding the bag) is truer to the authentic color. I just love how the patent leather makes it looks so juicy (that's the best way I can describe The chain straps detail gives it extra personality. Though they are detachable, I'd never remove them.

Here's one of three cards I received (front and back shown side by side). Not only is Mrs. Yvette Allen a handbag designer, she's a makeup artist. Very inspirational since I love fashion and also have an interest in makeup. She's a great makeup artist as well as a bag designer.

As the tags state: 100% GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER. That was pretty much self-explanatory when I opened the box! I really didn't need a sign or tag to notify me of that! Oh the Heavenly aroma!

This is the other side of the larger tag. Here are the CARE TIPS though I've never had the opportunity to try the steps yet, nor have I had the need to. I watch where I place my bag, even what I put inside. When it's not in use, it goes back in the dust bag.

For Yvette Allen Handbags, layaway is also available. Very cool concept. Just check out the information on the card. It explains everything. Here's the link for the layaway form and more information:

After a few delays and some technical difficulties (package got lost, battery died, charger broke, you name it! lol), I'm happy to finally bring this review to you! But before I get started I must let you know that this bag was sent to me for review purposes and to give my honest feedback. Also, I wasn't paid any extra to do the review.

A few months ago I was asked by Mrs Yvette Allen to do some reviews for her. I've admired quite a few of her bags and her work as a makeup artist so I agreed. I was honored to even be considered. Shortly after, I also asked to host a contest in the month of October for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. I was sent the purple bag, which is the same color for the Domestic Violence ribbon.The name of the bag was changed to the winner's name in her honor, thus the name 'Ms. Tanisha'. I remember seeing the pix online and I thought it was a really cute bag. But when I saw it in person and the AROMA caught my nose as soon as I opened the package, it was HEE-VUNNN-LLEEEE (insider)! lol  It was presented nicely with the dust bag covering the purse. When I took it out of the dust bag my jaw almost hit the floor and I gasped at how beautiful it was! It's definitely unique to me, the color (which is my FAVORITE color btw) and the patent leather in a quilted pattern really makes it stand out. The chain detailing on the additional handles is what tops the bag off very nicely. I knew that I would like it, but now that I've had it, tested it out, and have gotten so many compliments on it, I LOVE IT!

This bag is definitely an attention grabber. I've gotten so many questions about the bag: where did I get it from, who is it by, etc. People have even asked if there was a wallet available that were interested in purchasing. When I told them there were no wallets available for this particular bag, they were slightly disappointed, even though they were still intrigued. I do know with certain bags you can find wallets to match, but with this one being so unique with the color and style, I feel it should have a matching wallet. That would make it extra special in my humble opinion.

I think I carried the bag pretty well. With the short set of handles I could carry it at the bend of my elbow. With the longer straps, it could be worn on my shoulder, even with a coat on. Even though it was quite a snug fit because the straps still stick up and I have chunky arms. The short straps were almost right underneath  my armpits and that being a bit uncomfortable for me depending on how many layers I was wearing. I can also see it being used as a briefcase somewhat as I remember holding it at my side just by the short set of handles. I'm always thinking out the box. I think that would be the only time that I'd remove the chain handles. I was also thinking of ways that maybe detachable straps could be used as necklaces or bracelets. Just a thought. Multi-usage wins!

Though to some it may be an 'Everyday Bag', and kudos to those who would carry it everyday or one similar! Sometimes I'm a bit rough on my everyday bags so with this one, I'd handle it with care and keep it in the dust bag for preservation until time to give it some shine. But for me personally it would be for a 'Diva Day': lunch or dinner with fellow divas, a movie date, or Sunday when some of us save our best digs for this day. Really, anytime I feel like dressing up would be a great excuse to have this eye candy on my arm.

So, that was it! Hope you enjoyed the review. Please comment below. Thanks so much for stopping by.

For more information on Mrs. Yvette Allen's handbags, please check out her website:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Parnevu Hair Product Review: Salon Shampoo, Hair Mayonnaise, and Leave-In Conditioner

Products and info sheet I received in the mail for product review. As you can see these products are FULL-SIZE. (l-r) *Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise - Natural Herbal Formula (16 oz). *Parnevu Salon Shampoo - For Extra-Dry hair (12 fl oz). *Parnevu Leave In Conditioner - For Extra-Dry Hair (16 oz).

I was given the opportunity to try out some Parnevu products for product review purposes. These items were sent to me free of charge to test out on my hair. I am not being paid to test these products or post a review. I was all for testing because I've purchased their products in the past and I'm definitely a fan. I usually use their T-TREE Leave-in Conditioner, which has been a staple of mine for years. But I decided to try something different from what I normally buy.

  Parnevu Salon Shampoo - For Extra-Dry hair (12 fl oz). MSRP $4.00
*Removes Buildup *Helps Prevents Breakage *Contains Natural Oils *Leaves Hair Moist, Soft, & Silky

The first product I used was the shampoo. I really liked the smell. It was a very light, almost bubble gum scent. It definitely reminded me of a salon shampoo as it stated it was just based on how it smelled. From time to time I start my shampoos with a quick rinse of apple cider vinegar and water mixture to cut down on the amount of times I have to lather my hair. It softens my hair and gets rid of alot of build up. When I try a new product, I use it as-is the first time around without prepping with the ACV, then do some tweaking afterwards if needed. So I followed the same regimen with this shampoo on the first use. It stated that it was for extra dry hair, but it seemed to make my hair even dryer after I used it. Also, the lather wasn't that strong unless I used alot of the product. Even after that my hair didn't seem to get as clean as I would've liked. The feeling of my hair reminded me of when I used a clarifying shampoo that left my hair extremely stripped and brittle. The Parnevu shampoo didn't leave my hair feeling as stripped but it definitely felt a bit crunchy and matted. I was a bit confused because it stated on the back of the bottle that it would clean gently and not leave your hair feeling stripped. Also, it stated that it would leave the hair soft and manageable. This was totally not the case for me with this shampoo. I was very disappointed. (With later uses of this shampoo, even when I did an ACV rinse prior, I still had to use other shampoos afterwards in order for my hair to feel clean. It became a task just for my hair to feel clean, rebuild the moisture, and make my hair feel softer. So now I'd only use it if I'm low on shampoo and need to mix it with other to stretch the product.)

Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise - Natural Herbal Formula (16 oz). MSRP $6.00
*Is a natural herbal formula enriched with olive oil, protein, and organic herbs *Works best for weak, damaged hair

I must say the Hair Mayonnaise was a hair saver for me, ESPECIALLY after using the shampoo for the first time. I even let the Hair Mayonnaise stay in over night with a plastic baggie on my head. YES!  I know it stated to leave on for 10 minutes, but my hair NEEDED that deep conditioning. So it said it was 'Intense rejuvenating therapy specifically formulated for weak, damaged, or over processed hair'. So it definitely did the J.O.B! My hair felt brand new, and detangling was so much easier. I was so happy and thankful that this product helped me so much. The smell wasn't off-setting or over powering at all and the herbs seemed to rinse out of my hair just fine.  This Hair Mayonnaise was very-much needed and I can't wait to do another treatment. In fact, I feel like I'm overdue for another one. It also has instructions for daily use, though I try not to add too much product on my hair, so I never used it between shampoos and conditionings.

 Parnevu Leave In Conditioner - For Extra-Dry Hair (16 oz). MSRP $ 4.00
*Leave In Treatment *Helps Prevent Breakage *Deep Conditioning Therapy

The Leave In Conditioner was the icing on the cake. The slip was so great for me when I was ready to detangle and twist my hair. I believe this is my FAVORITE product out of the 3 that were sent for review. I guess this explains why I'm literally scraping the bottom of the jar right now. I'll be adding this to my regimen, no lie. Even if I mix it with other products, as I usually do, I feel it will be a staple for a while no matter what else I use. Though sometimes I've noticed it not wanting to mix with other products very well from time to time, after I comb it through and style my hair and it's fine. No flaky mess and my hair doesn't look dry or chalky. It states that it's deep-penetrating to help with split ends, breakage, and brittle hair. I also read that it's good for dyed hair. I'm slowly trimming of my colored ends that were slightly damaged by a coloring system that did more harm than good. I make sure I apply more product to those ends and my hair is happy.

All in all, I may not purchase the Salon Shampoo when I decide to get more Parnevu products. The others mentioned in addition to the T-Tree Leave-in I've used in the past are a must-have for me. The way it softened my hair was great and the slippage was awesome as well for detangling. My hair is so thick, it helped me to tame this mane! My hair did not feel extra weighed down or coated when when I was heavy-handed with the product.  Now I'm on the hunt to find the right shampoo from this line.

UPDATE!! So the other day I shampooed and conditioned my hair again. I diluted the Salon Shampoo with water for it to lather, also mixed another shampoo with it. Then I left the Hair Mayonnaise in over night once again under a plastic baggie. The next morning it detangled with EASE and my hair was VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE (lol)!

My hair detangled with the Hair Mayonnaise. The product is still in my hair. I just plaited it in large sections afterwards and rinsed the majority of it out. My hair has also been trimmed in this picture.

I'm very thankful for this opportunity to do a product review for such a great line. I hope everyone reading this review will find it helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the COMMENT section. Also, if you've tried any products from this line and have rave reviews please comment below.

For more information, please click on the following link:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream

This product pretty much caught my attention with the smell. From there I had a feeling I'd enjoy it. I'm the type of person that LOVES smell-goods. I'm very picky about my hair and how it turns out, so I was quite hesitant to try this product initially.

After co-washing my hair and applying leave-in conditioner, I used this product. I have alot of hair and based on the size I could only get one good use out of it. I tried to detangle my hair before applying the Kinky Moves and my hair can get a bit tangled. But applying the Kinky moves BEFORE detangling was GREAT! It smoothed my hair out really nicely, making detangling a breeze before twisting it back up to air-dry.

During this time of year and mainly because of the length of my hair, I don't wear it in it's true form much at all because it can be a battle for me to tackle at times.

I still love the smell of the Kinky Moves on my hair. It didn't give it a white residue look, but I didn't like the way it made my hair and hands feel coated. Even after washing my hands multiple times, I still feel a coating of the product on my hands. I don't like that very much. Another thing I noticed after I applied the product, my scalp and skin that came in contact with the product (neck, ears, shoulders) became a bit itchy and irritated. I've had this issue with another product that I loved. This makes me sad. I wish I could find out what ingredient it is and get rid of it all together. If so, I'd be IN LOVE!

Check out the DEETS:

Info: Not Your Mother’s offers essential hairstyling products with only the best ingredients and technologies for a truly cool and unique style. Your style might come from the streets, the magazines you read or straight from the Catwalk. Trends fade, but true style never will. Confidence, creativity and class will always be in fashion. Dare to experiment with new styles, get inspired and embrace your own personal fabulousness. Don't follow others, make your own statement. Stand out, be different, and embrace your style with Not Your Mother's.

Price: $6.00 at CVS, Walmart, and ULTA among many other retail locations


***I received this product complimentary from Influenster.***

Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit

The battle of the lashes! LOL! I must say I LOVE getting dolled up for occasions. I'm not the type to wear lashes on a regular basis like some. Mine are naturally long, not as full as I'd like them to be, but I can deal.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever suffered with crooked lashes. I was so thankful when I saw the applicator in the box.

But I was so disappointed when trying these lashes. I followed the instructions, allowing the adhesive to dry, used the applicator to apply the lashes. They were still crooked and I guess I didn't apply enough glue because they weren't very nice to me. The first one came of immediately, the other one needed a little tug. I used quite a bit more glue on the 2nd one I applied. The applicator and the tip of the adhesive took a minute to get the hang of. I thought I had it but the lashes still didn't warm up to me.

I like that they had an applicator and the glue was odor free and latex free. I wasn't able to keep them on long enough to know whether or not they were waterproof since they didn't stay on. 

I wasn't really feeling the style of the lashes. They didn't work for my eye shape and they looked a bit TOO fake to me. Also, I have large eyes and they only went 3/4 of the way across. The tapering helped to camouflage that effect Maybe if I play around with them a bit and layer them with another pair, they could work.

The lashes didn't work for me, hopefully someone else will have better luck with them. I'll be experimenting with them some more to see what I come up with. I won't give up.  Definitely keeping the applicator and glue.

Sorry! I'm too embarrassed to post a pic!

Check out the DEETS:

Made from highest quality human hair. Use with Kiss adhesive for optimal results. Latex free, odor free, waterproof, flexible formula for 24hr hold, easy applicator.
Price: $4.99 at Walgreens

Check out the site:

***I received this complimentary product for testing purposes via Influenster***

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I know some of you have been noticing that I've been blogging, vlogging and doing reviews about INFLUENSTER.

I think this program is a really cool way to test products free of charge, build a buzz about the ones you love, also bring traffic to your blogging/vlogging spot. Many people don't really get much of an opportunity from brand names to do reviews or sponsors, so I feel that everyone gets a fair shot to test out products.

This is not a program just to get free goodies, each VoxBox I've received in the mail has been earned through me testing the products and sharing my opinion about how I feel about each one. The new website makes it a bit easier to keep up with your accomplishments with badges for each task you complete, which also helps you to be eligible for your next VoxBox. You don't have to worry or be nervous about not 'knowing' what information to use. Everything is there for you on the site, under each task. If you're a bit hesitant about making the step to try the Influenster program, PLEASE DON'T! I know I was at first, but now I'm getting the hang of everything and I enjoy this new hobby. Once you get used to the site, everything is pretty much a walk in the park.

There's no sign-up fee, no monthly fee, and no hidden fees or taxes after you sign up. You don't even have to pay for shipping. You can leave your honest opinion about each product you test (even if you don't like it), as long as it's respectful. You won't get jipped if a certain product is not your favorite. The companies want your honest opinions.

I've had one VoxBox to get lost in the mail (was informed the postal company lost it) and I was promised the next VoxBox would be sent out to me without an issu. And what do you know?! They came through on their word! That was very important to me!

So, YEAH! Enough of my yappin'!  If you're a blogger/vlogger (blossoming or booming), want to network and get traffic flowing (if you're a pro, a few more clicks wouldn't hurt right?), don't hesitate to check it out yourself.

You can also leave me a comment below if you'd like me to invite you. I have FOUR slots left at the moment.


Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

I can honestly appreciate Goody for always coming out with cool products! I remember seeing these Spin Pin(s) (why no 'S'?) in stores but I was dumbfounded as to how they were to be used initially. I would always go down the hair aisles and give them a good stare. So yeah..of course I was excited to try these out just as I have been with the other products from Influenster.

I love the idea of not having to use a whole bunch of pins. My hair is so thick that I've actually lost pins, only to find them a few days later buried in the mane. NO LIE! lol It took me a moment to get the hang of holding the hair in place and twisting the Spin Pin(s) into my bun. It's almost like turning a cork screw, just to give you an idea. I had to get used to the feeling of almost nothing being there. Alot of pins seemed to weigh the hair down, leave it too tight, or restrict it. The styles I attempted were very loose in certain areas. I actually need more pins to hold my hair in place neatly. I feel there needs to be at least 4 Spin Pin(s), especially the thickness of my hair and the price.

I think it wouldn't be as much of an issue if I was going to wear an unkempt-looking bun or hairstyle. Looser hairstyles have seemed to have become more and more popular over the years. But I prefer neater styles on most occasions. I personally didn't like having to restyle my hair every few minutes because the some of the coils weren't secured. Maybe if I were to straighten my hair, it would be alot easier to style my hair with the Spin Pin(s). But since I don't plan on using heat on my hair anytime soon, I won't find out until much later. But overall, I think it's a pretty cool product.

Check the DEETS:

Facts: The Goody brand is the most widely-recognized manufacturer of hair accessories and styling tools in the world. Through proprietary brands such as DoubleWear™, QuikStyle™, Simple Styles™, Slide-Proof™ and Ouchless®, Goody has introduced smart innovations like the exclusive Spin Pin and Quik Style Brush. With products inspired by the latest designer trends and innovative solutions, Goody offers an inspiring range of hair accessories and styling tools.

Price and locations:  $7.29 at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Kroger, Duane Reade


***I received this complimentary product for testing purposes via Influenster.*** 

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin

Here are some other lovely items I received in my Influenster VoxBox. I must say I initially had my doubts about these items but I really like them after giving them a good run.

It seems like as SOON as I applied the Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion (Normal/Dry),  my skin sucked it up and was moisturized. Afterwards, I used a wipe to remove the product. My skin is combination at times, mostly dry. The texture seemed to IMMEDIATELY change. It was very smooth and not tight at all, which I usually have issues with when I use other cleansers. I loved it. The scent was very light and refreshing. Yes, a WIN!

I had a very similar feeling when I applied the Beautiful Skin Night Cream (Normal/Dry). My skin wasn't greasy or oily at all, just a nice glow. :) My skin felt very refreshed and smooth. The scent was very nice. Only slightly stronger than the Cleansing Lotion, not overpowering. I had to actually pat the cream on, it wouldn't really rub in for me at first. That took a moment to get used to but I think I got the hang of it. I just added a bit more and it rubbed in better, quite a bit actually. The next morning my skin was still nice and soft. I didn't feel any product at all, just smoothness.

I really enjoyed testing both products. If the formula was changed a bit for the Night Cream to be able to actually rub the product in before my skin could drink it up, it would be a 10! Also, I think the price is great for the products (listed below). Trying these out made me feel like I was using some FruFru, expensive products. Nice! I can't keep my hands off my face!

Check the DEETS:

Info: Beautiful Skin - the newest and easy to use two-step range of everyday skincare cleansers and moisturizers, tailored to your specific skin type eliminating the need for toners. Products are color-coded, making it easy to find just the right products for your skin type: Normal/Oily (Pink), Normal/Dry (Green) and Dry/Very Dry (Lilac)

Price and locations:  $8.49 at ShopBootsUSA, Target,, and ULTA among many other retail locations


***I received this complimentary products for review purposes via Influenster.***

Friday, November 9, 2012

EBOOST Daily Health Booster goes! I decided to take this product when I began to feel under the weather. You know, feverish, achy, itchy throat, slightly stuffy nose, etc. What I got out of this product was unexpected.

I remember reading it was effervescent and thought that was pretty neat. I've tried a product similar and have been successful with keeping my health up during cold and flu season so I thought 'Hey why not'? The first sip was horrendous. I wish I had a way to record my expression upon the first gulp. I literally yelled out 'YUCK'! But I wanted to get better so I tried to chug it down. Big mistake! I started feeling nauseous! Not great!

After a bit of internal debate, I finally decided to take slow sips to finish the product. It was torture to say the least. Something I'll never do again. Not only was the product disgusting, the fizz stained the cup I was using. No matter how many times I've washed it, the orange ring will not come out. Not good at all.

On the bright side (no pun intended), I finally started to feel better and I had a noticeable alertness and energy boost. So much so that I was able to tackle this wild mane of mine. I see that as a plus. I just HAD to take advantage of that surge while I could. I like the fact that I didn't feel hyper or jittery and the effect seemed to last throughout the day. I guess it kind of made up for the bad taste.

I feel if the taste of the product were to be improved, EBOOST would be a great addition to your health and wellness regimen. In the meantime, I'll be finding something else to take.

That's my view...let me know what you think or if you've tried this product before:

Check out the DEETS::

Info: The Natural Energy Booster with a tangy citrus burst and a lasting natural energy boost! This EBOOST formula is loaded with green tea, vitamins and super nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and B-12 in an easy to mix effervescent packet. It's low calorie and sweetened with Stevia too!

Price and location: $28 for box of 20 Orange Natural Energy Booster effervescent powders at Whole Foods Market


***I received this complimentary product for testing purposes via Influenster.***

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact

Excitement ONCE AGAIN! Yay! I got to try out one of my MOST FAVORITE things in the world..MAKEUP! Yes! I was so happy when I saw this little treat in my VoxBox I could've turned cartwheels..well my heart did anyway! lol

I really think the whole concept of having everything there with you to do your eyes is really cool. Maybe they should've added a mini eyeliner to the mix as well or at least an angle-tip brush on the end of the applicator already provided. I've learned to draw eyeliner with a dark shadow so the dark crease color would've probably been good for that.

 *Top row of pix w/ flash. Bottom row of pix w/o flash. Only photo editing is lightening the bottom pix. The pix have not been airbrushed.*

I hate to say as much as I was excited to try this product out, it was quite a disappointment to me. Not only were the shadows very chalky and powdery, they had quite a bit of fallout. The darkest crease color seemed to be the LEAST pigmented. In addition to that, the primer and illuminator were greasy and very streaky. I didn't like that at all. After I applied the shadows on top of the base, they only held in certain spots. I noticed looking in the mirror and after taking pictures that the payoff wasn't so great. I had to literally pile the shadows with my brushes on for them to work. But I made the product work to my best ability. I also had some issues with creasing badly, but the product did seem to last a little longer than I expected.

 *Product swatched. Had to layer the darker color for it to show. With flash. Without flash*

Maybe a stickier base would've held the shadows in place alot better. I've tried shadow sticks before during other makeup applications and they've been a great help. So I will HAVE to try it for the next makeup application using this palette. (Camera is down at the moment..won't be able to show a pic update. Maybe I'll do a vid update soon.)

Alright! I feel like I've covered everything. If you have any questions about the product please let me know. Thank you! :)

Here are the DEETS:

Straight from the city that never sleeps, NYC New York Color offers products with uptown style at down-to-earth prices, from $.99 - $4.99. The energy, style, and color of New York City shines through the wide range of shades, textures and innovative products. NYC always delivers the most on-trend products & shades hot off the runway! 

NYC INDIVIDUAL EYES in DARK SHADOWS: $4.99 at chain drugstores nationwide

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Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle

I always LOVE smell goods, so I was excited when I received this candle to test out. With Fall being my favorite time of year, Cider Lane really helped me bring in the warmth of the season with the rich fragrances that would remind you of the Fall. The scent is nice, but I personally wouldn't purchase it. I think it was the cider smell that was slightly turning me off but I got used to it after a few tries. I got word that the Leaves candle is a really popular one from this particular collection, so I must at least get a good whiff of it to compare.

I ended up burning another candle of a different scent to balance it out. Not sure if it was because the Cider Lane candle was smaller in comparison, but the other candle overpowered it. The Cider Lane candle was right beside me the whole time, while the other candle was on the other side of the room.

Also, I didn't get to use my coupon shown in the picture. I feel like it expired too quickly. I was going to just go to my local Bath & Body Works to give it to someone, but I ran out of time on that idea as well. I like doing random nice things like that as well. Maybe next time.

I only got maybe 6 or 7 burns out of it. I guess that was to be expected with it being a smaller candle. I scraped the remains into a burner with some other scents and it was a nice addition. I like to be resourceful as well.

That sums up my review. Check out the details and let me know what you think. :)

Here are the deets:

Highly fragranced candle exclusively developed and tested by our team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers. Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead-free wicks for optimal performance. 

Mini Candle $3.50; Small Candle $9.50; Medium Candle $12.50; 3-Wick Candle $19.50

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Friday, October 26, 2012

(VID) October Awareness CONTEST w/ Yvette Allen Handbag Collection

This month we are bringing awareness to Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. For the OFFICIAL RULES, please check the following link:

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Note: This handbag has been sent to me to do a review, contest, and advertising purposes. I am not getting paid.