Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who are you?! And where did you come from?!

And do you know where I can find more like you? I know a few people who could benefit as well! lol

I can't complain too much about there being no more good people in the world. I've met and reconnected with some AWESOME people in the past few days and months.

Not at all saying ANYONE is perfect, but for someone to have the same values and levels of respect and thinking as you. It takes you back because at times you've kinda felt like the WEIRDO when it seems like you're the only one that has a certain belief or way of thinking. I thank God for allowing these people to shine their lights on me! And for showing their hearts in one way or another.

I pray nothing but much success and happiness to you all!

Things are happening all around me..I see it, I feel it. Things are in MOTION..and I'm so happy because I see what God is doing in other people's lives and even in my own. He's setting a platform, doing some remodeling, shifting somethings around..breaking up ground..and I can't wait to see the finished product.

I really wish i could go into more detail about how I feel right now and some other things He's doing in my life right now, but I'll just stop here! lol My eyes are being opened to somethings, I'm being blown away and my faith has been elevated! I'm shaking like a LEAF right now with excitement!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Charlotte's Avenue: Choca's Faux-Hawk REVAMPED (FRO HAWK TIME)

Check it out yall too cute for words!!!

Charlotte's Avenue: Choca's Faux-Hawk REVAMPED (FRO HAWK TIME): "Hey all, So... I figured I'd revamp Choca's Faux-Hawk and jazz it up a bit for our Sunday family gathering. Choca's Twist-Out Fro Hawk..."

Monday, July 4, 2011

the GLORIOUS Twist-out

It usually takes me 30 minutes or so to un-twist my hair depending on their size..

I love the pic below. The faded red growing out is really beautifully and it shows off the twist-out pattern. Also, it looks lovely against my skin..

I DESPERATELY need to fix that choppiness in the back!

And I need to recolor my's just time! I need a CHANGE. Why not spice things up AGAIN?! :) I want to do something a little DARING!

To be continued... *evil laugh*

Sidenote: my hair does not look real in the last few pix. Many people say my hair looks like a wig or a weave and ask what brand. SOMETIMES I wonder if that's a compliment..lmbo.

Again using the trust EVOO for shine when needed.

When styling, I spray my edges with WATER [or style right out of the shower because they are soaked from not having a SHOWER CAP LARGE ENOUGH TO FIT THIS MELON AND ALL OF THIS]

Then applying my new favorite..
and brushing them down with a mixed boar/synthetic brush.. I'll get a pic of my edges next time.. OOPS!

I've even found this product to be favorable when I wear my puffs. It provides decent hold without feeling extra sticky like gel, makes my waves pop a little bit, and I can easily switch to another style without so much hassle. YAY!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Co-washed the twists..

the pictures below are after a co-wash. shrinkage and all.

my technique for a co-wash are as follows:::

i used apple cider vinegar and baking soda mixed in a large, plastic container and poured it over my hair that was already wet with water [i'll have to get the measurements next time]. i found this allows the mixture to go through better when my hair is already saturated.

i know it's kinda EWWWW..but i can see all of that dirt going down the drain. i even do this sometimes before i do my shampoos. this prevents me from using so much product.

i used a conditioner and scrubbed vigorously [not too rough, don't want to lose] scalp LOVED it! and my hair felt moisturized! then i RINSED!

i usually used a leave-in conditioner afterwards but i wanted to try MISS JESSIE's w/o any assistance or hinderance from any other product to get the FULL EFFECT.

i really liked how it defined my curls on the ends of the twists. the shrinkage wasn't TOO 'bad'..and the frizz was minimal. it had a nice smell and wasn't VERY sticky. it did make my hair slightly crunchy but not too unbearable. i only used it i want to use it a few more times before i can give it a fair judgment. after i applied it to sections of my hair, still in twists, i let it air-dry.

[sidenote: i WON an 8 oz jar along with Jill Scott's latest cd in a MISS JESSE's contest that was held recently. i was SOOO HAPPY!]

Like in the last blog post where i explained my twist method, i used the Healthy Hair Butter on my edges. this has become a staple for me and my good ole edges! haha..

when my hair needed a little bit of shine..i used my trusty EVOO..

also, i used a satin bonnet to tie it down at night. when i used styling accessories, i made sure not to pull the bands too tight to prevent hair loss..

and that was all she wrote! :)

In the MEANTIME, stay tuned to for video updates and don't forget to tell a friend! :)