Monday, July 4, 2011

the GLORIOUS Twist-out

It usually takes me 30 minutes or so to un-twist my hair depending on their size..

I love the pic below. The faded red growing out is really beautifully and it shows off the twist-out pattern. Also, it looks lovely against my skin..

I DESPERATELY need to fix that choppiness in the back!

And I need to recolor my's just time! I need a CHANGE. Why not spice things up AGAIN?! :) I want to do something a little DARING!

To be continued... *evil laugh*

Sidenote: my hair does not look real in the last few pix. Many people say my hair looks like a wig or a weave and ask what brand. SOMETIMES I wonder if that's a compliment..lmbo.

Again using the trust EVOO for shine when needed.

When styling, I spray my edges with WATER [or style right out of the shower because they are soaked from not having a SHOWER CAP LARGE ENOUGH TO FIT THIS MELON AND ALL OF THIS]

Then applying my new favorite..
and brushing them down with a mixed boar/synthetic brush.. I'll get a pic of my edges next time.. OOPS!

I've even found this product to be favorable when I wear my puffs. It provides decent hold without feeling extra sticky like gel, makes my waves pop a little bit, and I can easily switch to another style without so much hassle. YAY!


  1. Your hair looks lovely... ALL THE WAY AROUND!! I'm a fan of this twist out!!!