Friday, July 1, 2011

Co-washed the twists..

the pictures below are after a co-wash. shrinkage and all.

my technique for a co-wash are as follows:::

i used apple cider vinegar and baking soda mixed in a large, plastic container and poured it over my hair that was already wet with water [i'll have to get the measurements next time]. i found this allows the mixture to go through better when my hair is already saturated.

i know it's kinda EWWWW..but i can see all of that dirt going down the drain. i even do this sometimes before i do my shampoos. this prevents me from using so much product.

i used a conditioner and scrubbed vigorously [not too rough, don't want to lose] scalp LOVED it! and my hair felt moisturized! then i RINSED!

i usually used a leave-in conditioner afterwards but i wanted to try MISS JESSIE's w/o any assistance or hinderance from any other product to get the FULL EFFECT.

i really liked how it defined my curls on the ends of the twists. the shrinkage wasn't TOO 'bad'..and the frizz was minimal. it had a nice smell and wasn't VERY sticky. it did make my hair slightly crunchy but not too unbearable. i only used it i want to use it a few more times before i can give it a fair judgment. after i applied it to sections of my hair, still in twists, i let it air-dry.

[sidenote: i WON an 8 oz jar along with Jill Scott's latest cd in a MISS JESSE's contest that was held recently. i was SOOO HAPPY!]

Like in the last blog post where i explained my twist method, i used the Healthy Hair Butter on my edges. this has become a staple for me and my good ole edges! haha..

when my hair needed a little bit of shine..i used my trusty EVOO..

also, i used a satin bonnet to tie it down at night. when i used styling accessories, i made sure not to pull the bands too tight to prevent hair loss..

and that was all she wrote! :)

In the MEANTIME, stay tuned to for video updates and don't forget to tell a friend! :)

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