Saturday, April 24, 2010

a PLUS SIZE MODEL?! who ME?! O_o

NOTE::: i typed this entry ORIGINALLY on 4/17/10 of course before the whole LANE BRYANT thing went down [check the previous entry incase you're not sure of what i mean.] so please dont think i'm ranting because of that whole incident or 'OH GOD! ANOTHER FAT GURL TRYNNA MODEL!' to try to gain popularity based on what's going on. i just had this in my DRAFTS til i found the energy to put my lil 1 minute vid together [] which you'll see at the bottom of this post.

ok..on with tha blog..

i remember when plus size models started to hit the scene and gain some recognition. i was wowed but still didnt see anyone that looked like me. beautiful..but STILL another 'standard' i felt i had to measure up too..again coming up 'short' in my eyes. but i remember my confidence was elevated when i found BELLE Magazine [i need to find them somewhere in storage and post some pix]! anyone remember that mag? omg! i was on a cloud to see beautiful women that looked like me. and it was then that i secretly wanted to be a plus size model, even tho i'm a lil short only 5ft 5 and A HALF! [lmbo!] inches. over the years i remember people saying 'you're so photogenic, have you ever thought of modeling?' funny thing is i've always THOUGHT about it. but living in this small town it's like there's no way out..

long story short..when i started gaining weight, i lost ALOT of myself. there was so much going on: got out of a bad relationship, moved away, had to move back, had an accident, was out of a job...i just felt lost and worthless. so i got a wake up call when a relative passed of diabetes at a really young age. and NO! he was not overweight. [sad it takes that for us sometimes, though]. i started my weightloss journey and tried to gain some confidence back and thought about modeling again. i've even chatted with a model before and she said in 'REALISTIC' terms i was too large to be a plus size model! and maybe i am but... REALLY?! she was just a few sizes smaller than me, if that! so i was confused! hmm..iono yall....that's as far as i'll go on that one...but it had me kinda i was like WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

so NOW that i'm halfway to my goal mark and my confidence is building back up, along with people asking me about modeling again, i'm thinkin bout it...AGAIN... even if just for fun for a while..iono! i dont want it to be SOOOO SERIOUS that i lose love of the craft. i just mainly take pix for fun at the moment. and with a MUSIC project coming up [whenever that happens..bwahah!], i gotta get more pix to get my face out there. but maybe take modeling more serious when i get smaller if i dont have alot of other craziness going on.

then i started thinkin...'but why not NOW'? why wait til i get to that 'PERFECT' size to be a plus size model?! or do or BE anything else for that matter!

i also thought about being a NATURAL HAIR MODEL as well. i mean, got..FLAUNT it and make it WORK! EVEN THOUGH..i'm wearing a wig in the last few shots! HA! but i want to do a shoot SPECIFICALLY with my hair [growing out of my] in mind...

i hope to have more soon! i always have ideas for different looks.

Verne' Couture

just dreamin a lil..iono..i was bored...

Friday, April 23, 2010


so they dont want you to see THIS for showing too much skin? showing too much cleavage? being too sexy?

but you see THIS all the time?

things that make you go HMM...

i could go on and on about this topic but yall know wassup! but i have nothing against my smaller sistahs. this world is just so friggen biased! it's disgusting!

also model in the Lane Bryant commercial [ASHLEY GRAHAM] speaks out!

>>>>>CLICK HERE for the link.<<<<<


Sunday, April 18, 2010


today i went to a church program with momz and her guests had to wear purple [they spoke on colors in the bible, very good stuff] so this is what i wore. didnt have time to finish unbraiding the hair on the full head so i wore the beret as a beanie.

top, cardigan, slacks: LANE BRYANT. and POW! that was easy! lol

[sb: i could not even get into these pants a few mos ago! God is GOOD! just a reminder so yeah..i'mma keep mentioning my weightloss! HA!]

closeup of the shoe: SOFTSPOTS. they're sorta comfy at times. the toe and strap can be a lil harsh at times but they're cute, make my feet look smaller and provide great support! my back thanks you! got these from SHOE DEPOT.


knocketh NOT my nerd swaggery! lol

[hair: braidout. earrings: made by my granny. beanie: claire's. face: max factor gloss, HIP shadow duo, fashion fair blush, zuri foundation.]


ps: one of the missionary mothas had on a hat just like mine but it was blue! ha! i love it! i wanted it! i started to ask where she got it. :)

[time to check on another cam. i had these on flash and STILL had to lighten them up in PSE. i'mma get better yall! thanks for ya support so far! there's so much MORE i wanna do with this blog]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

this should be a DAILY reminder!

let's take time out to STOP telling ourselves that we aren't good enough. that we'll never be perfect. never have the perfect hair, perfect eyes, lips, perfect nose, even body shape. we need to stop walking around with our heads down, afraid to free ourselves because others may look at us funny or say something offensive! it's time that we free ourselves with NOTHING TO PROVE! by just being who we are...without even trying..

now that's Beautiful

Monday, April 5, 2010


i am SO lovin this look! it's so feminine and gurly with a cute lil retro touch to it!

well i entered this into a contest entry and i think it's cute how it all came together!


floral top: plus size fix
skirt: b&lu
wedges: miu miu
crop cardigan: ashley stewart
bag: vivienne westwood
necklace and bracelet: betsey johnson
earrings: fantasy jewelry box
reversible beret: mauri web channel international

::check >> HERE << for my polyvore::

Sunday, April 4, 2010


so yeah i've decided to get my grown-n-sexy on with this one. with my pearls and all! didnt have time to do my hair like i wanted to tho!

[middle going DOWN..ahh yeah!]

[dress: lane bryant]

[please excuse the plastic and it kinda looks like i should've gone down a size..hmmm...maybe! lol i need to revisit this look...maybe another belt to see the diff]

close up of ruffle detail..

shoes close up

[shoes: TARGET]

close up. check the diva smile!
[hair: chunky twist-out, finger styled. color: clairol's textures and tones in BLAZIN burgundy]

[jewelry: mom's personal collection. pearls for that QUEEEEN TOHHOO BEEE! lol]

[powder: zuri. blush: fashion fair. liner for eyes and brows: maybelline. mascara: cover girl. eyeshadow: milani, HIP. gloss: revlon, max factor, victoria secret.]

Friday, April 2, 2010

Diva WEEKEND pt. 2!

so i posted on FB [last weekend] that i was in DIRE need of some pampering and my good buddy hit me up and had the AWESOME idea of during natural facials. i remember doing these back in the day in COSMO class and my wheels started turning again. the facial concoctions we used during this session are different from the ones used in COSMO class but the BENEFITS weren't LESS AWESOME.
[sidenote: before you try any of these treatments, please keep your allergies in mind. and if you are allergic to any of the following ingredients, please check out for facials to suit you.]


***started off with a GREEN TEA steam facial***

let the tea cool down some, from a rolling boil to a steady steam. steam with a towel over your head 10 mins or more. don't get too close! i got carried away and burned my chin! lol not bad tho! you will SEE and feel the difference!

[benefits: opens pores. deep cleans. antioxidants in the green tea protect skin from free radicals! *POW!*]

i even dropped in a sleepy time tea bag! and i slept like a log. haha! [didn't have lavendar]

***cooled down with a PLAIN yogurt facial!***

simple..just put it on your face like a cold cream [noxema for example]. let it set 5-10 mins and rinse.

[benefits: refines pores. exfoliates skin.]

and for my fellow diva-in-crime, i mixed this facial up for her:

***half an avocado [i took the other half with me]***

[benefits: moisturizes skin. smooths fine wrinkles.]

a few drops of lime juice,

[benefits: helps mild acne. cleans. refreshes. clarifies. fresh lime is best.]

and i also added some
PLAIN YOGURT. same as in the pic above! [next time we'll add honey]

looks like
guacamole to me! hehe!

[easiest to spread more effectively if you have a blender!]

***then i finished off with a pedi***

soaked my feet for about 15-20 mins. felt brand new!!

used avon footsoak [can't remember the other soak right off. will repost an update.] finished with Miracle of Aloe's MIRACLE FOOT REPAIR [awesome stuff!!! it has 60% ALOE] then some polish! i aint postin my toes tho! haha maybe next time!

[benefits: look at those BUBBLES and you tell me! hehe! this almost knocked me out forreal!!]


i was SOOOO needing this! can't wait for the next one!


Diva WEEKEND pt. 1!

me and a buddy of mine had so much fun last weekend. we did a lil shopping and pampering. we went around to different stores, found some products to create a home-made retreat. so while in the midst of that i found this cute lil number i've had my eye on. funny thing is, i FIRST saw this on Ross's fanpage on FB and i was like I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! and LOW AND BEHOLD as i went to ross I FOUND IT!

and what else is so's not even my size! check the label!

ya gurl wears a 26-28 [FORMALLY 30-32]! and i tried this on! i will definitely update you on this dress! i'm gonna post pix of how it looks ON. TO BE CONTINUED...