Friday, April 2, 2010

Diva WEEKEND pt. 2!

so i posted on FB [last weekend] that i was in DIRE need of some pampering and my good buddy hit me up and had the AWESOME idea of during natural facials. i remember doing these back in the day in COSMO class and my wheels started turning again. the facial concoctions we used during this session are different from the ones used in COSMO class but the BENEFITS weren't LESS AWESOME.
[sidenote: before you try any of these treatments, please keep your allergies in mind. and if you are allergic to any of the following ingredients, please check out for facials to suit you.]


***started off with a GREEN TEA steam facial***

let the tea cool down some, from a rolling boil to a steady steam. steam with a towel over your head 10 mins or more. don't get too close! i got carried away and burned my chin! lol not bad tho! you will SEE and feel the difference!

[benefits: opens pores. deep cleans. antioxidants in the green tea protect skin from free radicals! *POW!*]

i even dropped in a sleepy time tea bag! and i slept like a log. haha! [didn't have lavendar]

***cooled down with a PLAIN yogurt facial!***

simple..just put it on your face like a cold cream [noxema for example]. let it set 5-10 mins and rinse.

[benefits: refines pores. exfoliates skin.]

and for my fellow diva-in-crime, i mixed this facial up for her:

***half an avocado [i took the other half with me]***

[benefits: moisturizes skin. smooths fine wrinkles.]

a few drops of lime juice,

[benefits: helps mild acne. cleans. refreshes. clarifies. fresh lime is best.]

and i also added some
PLAIN YOGURT. same as in the pic above! [next time we'll add honey]

looks like
guacamole to me! hehe!

[easiest to spread more effectively if you have a blender!]

***then i finished off with a pedi***

soaked my feet for about 15-20 mins. felt brand new!!

used avon footsoak [can't remember the other soak right off. will repost an update.] finished with Miracle of Aloe's MIRACLE FOOT REPAIR [awesome stuff!!! it has 60% ALOE] then some polish! i aint postin my toes tho! haha maybe next time!

[benefits: look at those BUBBLES and you tell me! hehe! this almost knocked me out forreal!!]


i was SOOOO needing this! can't wait for the next one!


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