Friday, April 2, 2010

Diva WEEKEND pt. 1!

me and a buddy of mine had so much fun last weekend. we did a lil shopping and pampering. we went around to different stores, found some products to create a home-made retreat. so while in the midst of that i found this cute lil number i've had my eye on. funny thing is, i FIRST saw this on Ross's fanpage on FB and i was like I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! and LOW AND BEHOLD as i went to ross I FOUND IT!

and what else is so's not even my size! check the label!

ya gurl wears a 26-28 [FORMALLY 30-32]! and i tried this on! i will definitely update you on this dress! i'm gonna post pix of how it looks ON. TO BE CONTINUED...


  1. gurl YES! i saw it and HAD to have it! i can't wait to wear it out!

  2. hi lady! i found your youtube station yesterday..and now your blog im loving it! i HAD to comment on the dress! sooo super cute..i bought myself some size 22/24 pants...saturday..can't wait to get in also a 26/28 and ive lost 5 lbs! yeeeah! keep up the great work! im loooving the blog and your inspiration!

  3. hey!!! thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and checking me out. and congrats on your weightloss!!!