Sunday, April 18, 2010


today i went to a church program with momz and her guests had to wear purple [they spoke on colors in the bible, very good stuff] so this is what i wore. didnt have time to finish unbraiding the hair on the full head so i wore the beret as a beanie.

top, cardigan, slacks: LANE BRYANT. and POW! that was easy! lol

[sb: i could not even get into these pants a few mos ago! God is GOOD! just a reminder so yeah..i'mma keep mentioning my weightloss! HA!]

closeup of the shoe: SOFTSPOTS. they're sorta comfy at times. the toe and strap can be a lil harsh at times but they're cute, make my feet look smaller and provide great support! my back thanks you! got these from SHOE DEPOT.


knocketh NOT my nerd swaggery! lol

[hair: braidout. earrings: made by my granny. beanie: claire's. face: max factor gloss, HIP shadow duo, fashion fair blush, zuri foundation.]


ps: one of the missionary mothas had on a hat just like mine but it was blue! ha! i love it! i wanted it! i started to ask where she got it. :)

[time to check on another cam. i had these on flash and STILL had to lighten them up in PSE. i'mma get better yall! thanks for ya support so far! there's so much MORE i wanna do with this blog]

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