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Product Review: Yvette Allen 'Ms. Tanisha' Handbag

This is a picture of Yours Truly 'modeling' the Ms. Tanisha bag. Isn't she lovely?! It matches my coat PERFECTLY! I'll be taking more pictures soon to let this bag get some more shine! (photo credit: Gent Lamar)

I thought it was TOO COOL that a dust bag came with the handbag. Extra details make a difference and gives a very exclusive feel. You can tell when someone takes pride in their work. The 'little things'.

I took this picture when I first opened the package. The top picture (of me holding the bag) is truer to the authentic color. I just love how the patent leather makes it looks so juicy (that's the best way I can describe The chain straps detail gives it extra personality. Though they are detachable, I'd never remove them.

Here's one of three cards I received (front and back shown side by side). Not only is Mrs. Yvette Allen a handbag designer, she's a makeup artist. Very inspirational since I love fashion and also have an interest in makeup. She's a great makeup artist as well as a bag designer.

As the tags state: 100% GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER. That was pretty much self-explanatory when I opened the box! I really didn't need a sign or tag to notify me of that! Oh the Heavenly aroma!

This is the other side of the larger tag. Here are the CARE TIPS though I've never had the opportunity to try the steps yet, nor have I had the need to. I watch where I place my bag, even what I put inside. When it's not in use, it goes back in the dust bag.

For Yvette Allen Handbags, layaway is also available. Very cool concept. Just check out the information on the card. It explains everything. Here's the link for the layaway form and more information:

After a few delays and some technical difficulties (package got lost, battery died, charger broke, you name it! lol), I'm happy to finally bring this review to you! But before I get started I must let you know that this bag was sent to me for review purposes and to give my honest feedback. Also, I wasn't paid any extra to do the review.

A few months ago I was asked by Mrs Yvette Allen to do some reviews for her. I've admired quite a few of her bags and her work as a makeup artist so I agreed. I was honored to even be considered. Shortly after, I also asked to host a contest in the month of October for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. I was sent the purple bag, which is the same color for the Domestic Violence ribbon.The name of the bag was changed to the winner's name in her honor, thus the name 'Ms. Tanisha'. I remember seeing the pix online and I thought it was a really cute bag. But when I saw it in person and the AROMA caught my nose as soon as I opened the package, it was HEE-VUNNN-LLEEEE (insider)! lol  It was presented nicely with the dust bag covering the purse. When I took it out of the dust bag my jaw almost hit the floor and I gasped at how beautiful it was! It's definitely unique to me, the color (which is my FAVORITE color btw) and the patent leather in a quilted pattern really makes it stand out. The chain detailing on the additional handles is what tops the bag off very nicely. I knew that I would like it, but now that I've had it, tested it out, and have gotten so many compliments on it, I LOVE IT!

This bag is definitely an attention grabber. I've gotten so many questions about the bag: where did I get it from, who is it by, etc. People have even asked if there was a wallet available that were interested in purchasing. When I told them there were no wallets available for this particular bag, they were slightly disappointed, even though they were still intrigued. I do know with certain bags you can find wallets to match, but with this one being so unique with the color and style, I feel it should have a matching wallet. That would make it extra special in my humble opinion.

I think I carried the bag pretty well. With the short set of handles I could carry it at the bend of my elbow. With the longer straps, it could be worn on my shoulder, even with a coat on. Even though it was quite a snug fit because the straps still stick up and I have chunky arms. The short straps were almost right underneath  my armpits and that being a bit uncomfortable for me depending on how many layers I was wearing. I can also see it being used as a briefcase somewhat as I remember holding it at my side just by the short set of handles. I'm always thinking out the box. I think that would be the only time that I'd remove the chain handles. I was also thinking of ways that maybe detachable straps could be used as necklaces or bracelets. Just a thought. Multi-usage wins!

Though to some it may be an 'Everyday Bag', and kudos to those who would carry it everyday or one similar! Sometimes I'm a bit rough on my everyday bags so with this one, I'd handle it with care and keep it in the dust bag for preservation until time to give it some shine. But for me personally it would be for a 'Diva Day': lunch or dinner with fellow divas, a movie date, or Sunday when some of us save our best digs for this day. Really, anytime I feel like dressing up would be a great excuse to have this eye candy on my arm.

So, that was it! Hope you enjoyed the review. Please comment below. Thanks so much for stopping by.

For more information on Mrs. Yvette Allen's handbags, please check out her website:

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