Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do you believe GOOD MARRIAGES still exist?

With all of the negativity around sometimes it's hard to believe that good, long lasting, meaningful relationships exist and that can dampen your spirits when praying for that special someone. So, I recently asked this question to my FB buddies and #Twitfam, and and many replied with YES's unanimously. Then I asked for some to elaborate and these are some answers i've gotten:

--I believe GOOD MARRIAGES still exist on the SURFACE! but the culture as a whole has become so self-absorbed, it seems hard to keep REAL connections, and make REAL commitments to what it takes to have a honestly GOOD MARRIAGE. [Female/late 20's/AR]

--I absolutely think it's possible,. My parents have been married 25 yrs, my grandparents 60 yrs, my aunts and uncles like 30 years n such. I believe it's possible, ppl just have to be willing to work at it. [Female/early 20's/FL]

--I believe good marriages still exist. a good marriage to me is trying to make things work through hard times,and succeeding, work actually coming from both ends. I know there are ppl out there, it may be rare but its there. [Male/early 20's/TX]

--Good marriages? Yes! I know of plenty. Actually, I think that today's marriages are doing better than those from years past. Granted, far fewer people actually get married now-a-days but it seems that the marriages that do exist are far more healthy. No facts, just my opinion/observation. [Female/22/NY]

--Yep! Cause I have one!!! :) God blessed us to find each other!! [ Female/29/MI]

alright fam. i'm going to get on more questions soon. even revise or add a part two for this. i need more responses! if you want to leave on in the comments, please do so, by all means. bless and THANK YOU to those that participated!

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