Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Future Husband PT 2

This next part is kind of broken into sections. just some thoughts i jotted down the same night i was writing part ONE. i also have some stuff i've written on my phone a good while back, i may put that up later. so there just may be a part 3 really soon. who knows?


Dear Future Husband,

Please know that nights when i'm alone i think about you. when i could make that late night call, and have someone feed me lies, i wait on your truth. i look at the stars and wonder if you see those same stars. if the moon looks as round and bright as it does where you are. thinking of how it would be to hold your hand under these same stars and this big bright moon. the light scent of your cologne, perfectly blended with the night air...i'm waiting..

find me soon My Love,

Your Future Wife.


i pray for you everytime you cross my mind, and though i dont know you now, the very THOUGHT of you makes me blush as i think of our possible first encounter..

as i grin from ear to ear. feeling my face FLUSH, i bite my lower lip, eyes trying hard to release their gaze from yours.

let me fix my hair, my dress..anything to distract me from those eyes and that smile...that skin..those dimples..ahhh..DIMPLES..

ok let me fix my hem and go through my bag, knowing what i want is not there but across the room. but i have to make my self look busy..ok GLOSS...PERFECT. HAIR? PERFECT!

you got me..

somehow i want to make my exit. dont want to be disappointed, but still intrigued, wanting you near. to hear your voice, your laugh..wondering if you smell as good as you look.

OK CALM DOWN GURL..maybe if i look away he'll go the other way..look away QUICK..

maybe he didnt notice..

he's coming this way..stay calm..OK..

what do i say?

what will he say?

hopefully nothing corny..

well i cant talk, i'm CORRRRRNEYYYY!

ok....just dont be lame...

OK, Future Husband.

[originally written 10-22-10]


ok some of this stuff is just me thinking as i write. i can see scenes playing out in my head alot and though it's not structurally correct by any means, i do find it almost poetic! mostly the second part..

sometimes this is how some people think. not at all saying the next guy i see standing across the room is THE ONE but WHO KNOWS?! we just have to learn how to keep our eyes, ears, and our hearts open.

***this is NOT directed towards ANYONE in particular so dont get it twisted! ha! i was just inspired! just had to put that out there!***

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