Sunday, July 4, 2010

not so pretty PCOS [pt. 1]

stressful, life-changing events and many other things have caused a slowing down of weightloss. i've even felt some weight gain..dun dun dunnn..

i've found it so hard to lose the weight no matter how hard i've tried! gave up a time or two..and it seems like..when i try to treat one thing..another one arises..i'm dealing with alot of things right now, but my main battle/WAR right now is the WEIGHT..

i was praying to God, asking for guidance and wisdom on what to do. i was asking WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? WHAT IS THIS? i could here him say, GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING, the source...check the center. He started bringing things to my memory..and BOOM...PCOS. that's it..i was diagnosed with it a few yrs back...BUT NEVER TREATED. and i'm kinda upset that there are meds out there that could help me but they never offered them..smh..

here are some SYMPTOMS..and YES this is hereditary...that's why it's good to know your family history as well.

* Multiple ovarian cysts
* Irregular or absent menses
* Infertility
* Acne
* Obesity or inability to lose weight
* Excessive body or facial hair (hirsutism)
* Insulin resistance and possibly diabetes
* Thinning of scalp hair
* Velvety, hyper-pigmented skin folds (acanthosis nigricans)
* High blood pressure
* Polycystic ovaries that are 2-5 times larger than healthy ovaries.
* Multiple hormone imbalances, commonly including:
o Androgens (testosterone)
o Cortisol
o Estrogens
o FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
o Insulin.
o LH (luteinizing hormone)
o progesterone
o Prolactin.
o Thyroid hormones.
* Impaired lung function.
* Sleep apnea.
* Fatty liver degeneration (NAFLD).

i know it seems like i'm puttin all my biz out there and i may get bagged on but hey! i hope this helps if you're dealing with a combo of these symptoms, you may wanna check this out.

for ME and many others with PCOS...lose the WEIGHT..MANY symptoms fade...

KNOWLEDGE is power! if you dont know what's ailing you, you're fighting a LOSING battle. knowlege is power. just dont get intimidated or depressed by drs reports. PRAY for healing, knowlege, guidance, and devine connections. study whatever dis-eases you, and go on a mission to take your health and well-being back! NO YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! no... matter WHAT you've been told! and HEALING IS FOR YOU!

so yeah..i'm taking the next be continued..pray as i go on this journey.


i KNOW you may be thinking 'WHY is she posting this? i thought this was about fashion and beauty'. if you know anything about PCOS, you know there's nothing CUTE about it. this is just apart of my journey, taking my DIVA BACK by facing this monster head-on. and dealing with this disease definitely doesnt make one feel attractive at all..

PLZ check the next blog for this documentary i found.

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