Friday, September 24, 2010

Cherry Culture website

i have been looking ALL over for this link for MONTHS NOW! ugh! and i finally found it!! YEAHHHUUURRR! havent ordered anything there yet, but i remember there were some items people were going COOCOO over for a while from the site..but i DO i have my sights on the NYX eyeshadow base in WHITE, recommended by Queen of Blending MUA. she states it's way better than the sticks because of creasing. i have a MAJOR issue with that and i haven't seen it in any stores so i just may need to order it if i cant find it soon.

there are also two other colors there in PEARL and SKIN TONE [definitely not mine...hehe]

has anyone ordered from there? i will give you feedback once i do.


xoxo, Verne'

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