Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to KEEP a WOMAN pt 1.

checked this TRENDING TOPIC on twitter earlier. i was tweeting so many times because i have my views about this so i was just like 'why not blog about it'?

now i must leave a disclaimer that is not how ALL women think, but this IS how THIS WOMAN thinks. and i'm sure there are similarities, since we as women have common wants and needs as any human being. so some are a given but you get it..

*clears throat really loud and*



the key word is WOMAN, not GIRL! and dont forget that!

have some respect for yourself, her, and others.

know what you want out of life. have a plan, put somethings into action or at least on paper, with some check marks by them of course! we love a man that's ambitious, has goals, and is passionate about what he believes! we LOVE to see fire behind your eyes and will support you all the way.

..with that being said, know what you want in a woman. know why you want her. not just because she's cute or has a nice shape. that fades over time..

dont play games. EVER! unless she likes xbox, play station, or board games..

did i say...NEVER LIE? just wanted to be SURE!

just be YOURSELF and be confident about who you are, not COCKY/ARROGANT, that's just being a COP-OUT and we can smell a cover-up. and PLEASE! you dont have to be BLINGED/ICED out! at least not for me! just stay so fresh and so clean clean! and a bit of ching ching! lmbo..keep up with that credit score! lol

keep a nice edge-up [leave the spray can alone!], some great smelling cologne [just a dab], starch and ironed up [but not to where your pants stand up on their own! lmbo], clean shoes, and nice accessories like a watch and a hat [not overdoing the MANsessories] and you got me! :) and SMILE sometimes!

take her on surprise dates! we like to go nice places. but even if it's at home..use your imagination: a romantic picnic on the living room floor by candlelight [love that thought!] or camping in the backyard...we like to see your resourceful/creative side..

dont put her in the BOOTY CALL categorynot all women are the same! if you dont change your thinking, YOUR LOSS!

and YES!! we understand that you are SEXUAL! we all are as a human race! how do you think we all got here? [lollll] but PLEASE stop using that as an EXCUSE to be impatient and inconsiderate. and if you cant see her past the SEXUAL, move along..

open a door for her. pull out the chair fo
r her. compliment her hair that she spent HRS on! [lo
l] know that chivalry is NOT DEAD! so DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!

let's court like they used to do in the old days! i feel that's why they stayed married over 50 yrs!

make her your BEST FRIEND...

consider her feelings. listen to her. talk to her...COMMUNICATE!

spend time with her, and spend it wisely. dont over-think it, but see it as an investment towards your future with her. you do want a future with her, right??

and know when to give her me, she'll be thinking about you while she's on her grind as well..just send her a nice text to let her know you're thinking of her..

PT 2 coming soon! i wanna go a lil deeper. but this is just what's on my mind for the moment.

****please excuse the some of the CORNY pix. i thought they were cute and funny!****

much love yall!

XOXO, Verne'
P.S. please post your feedback here. am i on the right track so far? BUT, if you'd like to ADD something of your own, please send it to dont be shy. you can use an alias..hehee...

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