Saturday, September 10, 2011

The legend of the LOVE LETTER

Living in this day and age of technology and everyone going GREEN [some people just use this term to seem 'cool'], has the LOVE LETTER suffered a severe or even DEADLY blow?

Have the emails, text messages, and networking sites caused putting your heart on paper to be a thing of the past?

Who, reading this blog post right now, has thought about going to the store, getting pretty paper, colored pens and actually sit down to write something thoughtful? Find your favorite fragrance/cologne and spray the pages when your done? Or folding rose petals with the letter before placing it inside the matching envelope and seal everything up?

Or did anthrax ruin that? lol!

Have you tried it?

Have you even tried putting the envelope on their car windshield or on their pillow? Or in a shoe that they'll find as they get ready for work?

And PLEASE don't say stamps are too high incase you're not able to do the things mentioned above! We buy everything else we want to buy, and do everything else we want to do!!! Why not take out a little bit of time to do something a little extra special?! We all know gas is high as well. But so is the cost of love! I mean, you don't have to do this everyday or even every week, especially if this person lives across town or across the states for my long-distance lovers out there. Think about how this will make the other person feel.

And don't worry about your handwriting! ;) Don't let that be an excuse to keep you from doing it.

NOTE: You do not have to be in a coupled relationship to do this...think about someone that means alot to you: a relative, your best friend, maybe someone you haven't spoken to in a while like your favorite teacher or someone that helped you get out of a jam. It could be a 'Thinking about you', 'Missing you', or 'Thank you' letter. Trust me, it would do them a world of good to know that you were thinking about them enough to sit down and write. Especially the way times are these days with the stresses of life, even people leaving this place unexpectedly.

In return, they could call you or even send YOU a letter. Then you'll know how it feels to have someone think enough about you to actually take out the time to write YOU.


I've been thinking about this for a while now and even talked to my friend about this a few months back. Our original thoughts, being the romantics that we are, were to write scented love letters to a significant other. I'm now logging this into my memory bank for future use.

I will also would like to thank the LOVELY AALIYAH for putting this blog post into motion as I've been taking a trip down memory lane lately listening to alot of 'old skool' music. [Kinda feels strange calling it OLD SKOOL! It wasn't THAT long ago! Was it?!]

R.I.L. Beautiful Baby Girl

[this is an original post from my other blog]

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