Thursday, September 22, 2011

A letter of apology to my brothas Written by Tanisha Bridges

I write to you as a representative for every black woman in the world right now.
I want you to know that "I'm sorry"
I'm sorry for talking down about you & to you.
I'm sorry that we as your sistas didnt defend you when others said that you weren't nothing but pimps, hustlers & drug dealers
I'm sorry for not checking you when you got outta line
I'm gonna say sorry for some of the mothers that brought any type of male in your life that gave you a negative example of what a man should be
I'm sorry for picking the wrong man to lay down with, thats why it felt like you never had a daddy
See I realize that we take a part in the medias view of you
Going on talk shows, having discussions talking about, "all black men are dogs"
And if I'm your sista, what does that make me?
I had to check myself for a moment
We as sistas most instill greatness in you from birth on into your manhood
I promise to let the world know there are & have always been some good, strong, intelligent Black Men still on this earth
In closing I want you to know that I apologize from the bottom of my heart
Love your sista, Tanisha