Monday, August 1, 2011

Incase you're wondering..

Verne' is pronounced VER-NAYE [thus the accent mark :)]

The origin..It's my middle name.

thank you! come again! lol

Oh yeah..while I'm in a 'writing' mood, I guess I'll give you the run down on how VERNE' COUTURE started.

I've always been a creative person. Even as a little girl I would make up stories, win drawing competitions, and got recognition for my writing skills. All of which I need to brush up on..shame on me, huh? I've always had a passion for music. Mom said I could sing before I could talk.

I remember my paternal grandmother showing me how to work a sewing machine at 8 or 9, also watched her sketch designs for my wardrobe, it was a blessing in disguise for me. I also remember sitting in my room with boxes full of beads and I would spend HOURS creating jewelry for friends and family in my early teens. I still have beads my maternal grandmother gave me and use them to create pieces to this very day.

I have a dream to create a PLUS SIZE clothing line. That will come, I believe it. I'm saving my sketches and ideas. For now I'm starting with jewelry and accessories and I want to thank EVERYONE for their support so far!

So how did I come up with the name VERNE' COUTURE?

I was talking with a dear friend of mine, she's always been the type of person that causes me to think on another level and in a different way. We were telling our ideas and dreams since we both love fashion. I started out saying how I wanted to create my own clothing line along with my own beauty and fragrances as well. And was trying to come up with a name. So she suggested I call it Verne'. I was quite embarrassed because I was always teased about my middle name. Remember that guy EARNEST? He did all of those crazy movies and had this homie named VERN.. He was always like 'KNOW WHAT I MEANNNNN, VERN??' And so just imagine how this irked my nerves when all the kids imitated this! ha! BUT, since my paternal granmother blessed me with that middle name, I became more comfortable with it. And now it just sticks!

Later, around 2005, new in my natural journey [natural since '03], I started again with creating. Earrings and hair accessories. I got frustrated that I didn't find anything that I liked so I started painting and that was pretty much all she wrote!

I'm planning my next step and I'll be needing a little help from you all. I'll be creating a survey/questionnaire soon to assist me with my creation process so please be on the look out!

Also, I'll be adding more to this website as far as creativity is concerned..

I'm creating new pieces right now, but PLEASE check my STORE if you haven't!


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