Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tribute:: Mona WHO?!


Mona Lisa frowns with envy and shamefully bows her head, humbling herself in the sight of these beautiful queens. They should be an artist's greatest inspiration. In other words, Mona ain't got NOTHIN' on them.

God started His wheel turning as He molded them from clay and the heavens must've been silent in awe. The angels gasp at the sight of their faces, each one a remarkable beauty. Inspired by the earth's color palette, each hue custom-blended by His loving hand, we are as the midnight sky or the sandy beaches. Features so distinct, only a TRUE artist can appreciate and recognize the passion, dedication, effortless skill, and craftsmanship of the MAKER.

Who says we aren't beautiful? From the crowns of our kinky or smoothe heads, to the soles of our fat or narrow feet, we ARE beautiful. Sculpted from God's imagination, an image of Himself. In all His beauty, all His glory. We are each individual, showing the diversity of His character. His greatest MASTERpieces, not to be on display in some stuffy museum, but showcased for the world to see. The sun (SON) as our spotlight and the world as our platform, we don't HAVE to demand attention when it's freely given.....because...


written by a.strayhan aka buttafly kisses. copyright 2003

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