Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jacob and Rachel: A New Perspective

I'm sure most of us have heard/read the story of Jacob and Rachel. He worked 7 years to get her, got 'tricked' with her less attractive sister, Leah. Then worked 7 MORE YEARS to have Rachel. But THIS just breaks everything down in the best way I've ever read/heard this story. GOOD STUFF. Definitely learning from this and keeping it in my brain while I work on a better ME.

Here's the link: http://bible.org/seriespage/never-satisfied%E2%80%94i-story-jacob-and-racheli

Now here's MY P.O.V.

Do we get to points where we're NEVER satisfied in life? Rachel's story on this link, stood out to me the MOST because I find that I too have some issues with 'wanting MORE'. Sometimes it can be a good thing, depending on where you are in life, BUT if what you have is NEVER enough, no matter HOW God blesses you, you need work on that. The saddest part was after her saying she wanting more children or else she would DIE! She ended up DYING during childbirth and being buried ALONE. Never getting to see this child grow up and flourish. So she never got to enjoy having him. Even using her last breath to name him Ben-oni, which means “Son of my sorrow.” smh..

God help me to be more grateful for what I DO have and not worry so much about what I DON'T. Many things are in GOD's timing and somethings we'll NEVER have, we just have to learn to accept that. Also, life and death is in the power of the tongue! We always hear this motto 'GET RICH OR DIE TRYING', but if that's our only focus we'll never enjoy what we have. The real RICHES, in my opinion, are how RICH your life is [God, love, family, friends, self-awareness, freedom of expression, etc]. But MANY TIMES we are only focused on material things, FAME, and whatever else satisfies our flesh [not just speaking sexually]. If we ever get to that point, we'll still never be fully satisfied, we'll more than likely be too tired to enjoy it. On top of that, we'll miss out on the more important things and even DIE before we even get to enjoy the material goods or whatever else we've been sweating so hard to get...sooooo...

With that all being said, we have to be CONTENT with what we already have and when God blesses us with more, be thankful but PLEASE don't be an ungrateful, greedy, never satisfied MESS..HELP ME GOD!

.. sorry just had to get that off my chest!

How did it help you see yourself? [the WORD is definitely a MIRROR..thank you, JESUS!]

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