Monday, May 28, 2012

Very Simple Vase DIY

So I've been busying myself with a few projects around the house mainly my bedroom, in which I will be showing fun stuff a bit later piece-by-piece.

I thought this vase I had needed to be spruced up a little bit. It was already a beautiful color but here's what I did to give it a bit more pizzazz.

I took a lanyard necklace that I got from Walmart YEARS ago. I always had it in safe-keeping because I loved it when I bought it, but I kind of forgot about it. What better way to put it on display!

I just wrapped it around the neck of the vase, just like I would do a choker, tied it. I also, made a loose knot/loop for an extra added accent and to keep the necklace secure. I'll be adding flowers later. If you don't have a see-through glass, any vase will work just fine. You also won't have to worry about flowers or any other embellishments [such as marbles on the inside] if it's not see-through.

SIMPLE AS THAT! You don't have to be a PRO at DIY's or buy out the store to do all of these fancy projects. Just take a few things you have laying around the house and give them new life. You'll be amazed at how the outcome will be. More coming soon! :)

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